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Posted by Tartago | Apr 09, 2017 @ 08:19 AM | 27,000 Views
I had this project on hold for a long time.

Finally a friend introduced me to this guy that is making foam planes and I tested his skills with the beautiful Pucará of Malvinas fame.

My specs of 1600mm wingspan ended up having in my hands a huge plane since the fuse is also 1600mm long.

Today was the maiden flight and she flew like a dream. a bit tail heavy on the first flight but moving the battery inside the big bay I managed to fly her nicely.

The weight for such big plane is a mere 1.6kg with a Zippy compact 3700mAh 4s.

2 950kv motors and 40A ESCs complete the plane with fixed LG, for now, with flaps for even slower landings....Continue Reading