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Posted by GallopingGhostlr | Feb 11, 2013 @ 02:33 PM | 6,972 Views
An E-Bay buy, the engine suffered tool drawer paint chipping in its previous life as an used engine. Now, the head is all red, with what else? Testors paint.
Posted by GallopingGhostlr | Feb 10, 2013 @ 07:29 AM | 8,292 Views
I prefixed this blog with [b]cool]/b], which I'm sure may bore some not into vintage engines and sound damping solutions.

I needed mufflers for the vintage McCoy and Enya engines. The following is how I solved the problem.

Photos 1 & 2: I had a spare YS muffler. I modified it to fit this Testors McCoy .40 Series 21 CL Black Head. I fitted it by filling the muffler mount holes, cutting a stainless steel hose clamp mounted with 4-40 screws drilled and tapping into the mount ends.

Photo 3: I mounted a Tatone EM-4 Calumet .09-.19 Muffler to an Enya .19-VI TV engine. Since I lacked prop washer and nut, I improvised. I drilled out a fender washer to fit the prop shaft. Nut is a spare from my parts bin.

Photo 4: The Enya ran hot. Photo shows the problem, an overly restrictive baffling system and too small an expansion chamber area.

Photo 5: I ground away as much baffling as practical. It still ran hot.

Photo 6: Solution resulted in converting this Calumet muffler to a Tongue muffler for a Testors McCoy .19 Red Head CL engine for a control line airplane.

Photo 7: On this venerable Enya .09-III TV, I ground the other EM-4 Calumet's mount lip to clear the cylinder. Because the .09 is left hand exhaust required the muffler to be mounted upside down. The baffling system is very restrictive, leading to what I am told many an engine ruin due to overheating, which my testing proved. Further modifications are pending.

Photo 8: Solution for the Enya .19-VI TV is the Tatone .29-.40 Peace Pipe Muffler. It ran cool and powerful with this muffler.

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