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Posted by UpNup | Aug 14, 2019 @ 12:09 PM | 1,112 Views
It was great to begin the fuselage for the P-51B. Itís taking some thinking though.

After completing the wings, I hit a snag. There is a box-type structure the wings fit into, so the question was deciding when to build it. I was given counsel on a FB site to build the fuselage and adapt the box to an exacting fit.

This build has no plans. Itís like figuring out a jigsaw puzzle with the picture turned over.

I built the sides first, then the crossbars. I decided to work on the internal platforms next, beginning with the cockpit. Then I focused on the tailwheel.

I robbed the .46 Rimfire motor, mounting bracket, and 70 ESC out of my Long EZ. Iíll need to buy a 6 ch sport receiver....Continue Reading