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Posted by UpNup | Apr 24, 2017 @ 01:20 PM | 5,877 Views
Whether it has been rocketry, cycling, golf, or RC planes, the way I learn is by what some have called “extreme hobbying.” Over a period of about two years, I’ll go off the deep end on one topic. I don’t just go play a round of golf, I have subscribe to magazines and watch every tournament on television. I tried playing rounds of golf with every free moment. When my wife was going through chemotherapy for more than three years, I found solace in a road bicycle. I would ride until I couldn’t feel the pain of her hurting so badly. And recently, I’ve been getting into radio-controlled airplanes.
Psychologists say that having a hobby is terrific. It should add something to our lives, giving us an alternative to just scanning through Facebook, reading romantic novels non-stop, or zoning out for hours in front of a TV. I’ve learned that there are hobbies that help you pass the time. But there are also progressive hobbies that can give you stress relief and add joy.

The problem is that hobbies can become so addictive to some of us – like fishing, knitting, or gaming– that it’s possible to pull away from society. The old joke is that pastors would name their deer stand “hospital,” so their church secretaries could say they were visiting at the hospital. At best, you only hang out with people that can tolerate your obsession. But for some, like viewing questionable material on the Internet, that addiction can pull you away from life and into an unhealthy shell.

As for me...Continue Reading
Posted by UpNup | Apr 22, 2017 @ 03:46 PM | 5,234 Views
My home -- and flying field (a park) lie exactly nine-tenths (0.9) of a mile from the end of a small airport runway. The airport is the kind that is for business planes (very few jets), has an aviation history museum, and provides flying lessons using Cessnas and some helicopters. They regularly fly right over my field at about 500' up. I live just enough off-axis that at least I'm not in the approach, but I am living in the flight pattern.

Since my plane weighed more than 0.55 pounds -- about three pounds, I learned that I was obligated to register with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

So, to be a good citizen and an RC pilot on the "up-n-up" (ahem), I went online and registered with the FAA as a UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) pilot. Click on this link to get started. I paid my $5.00 and was issued an official registration number.

I printed out a "card" and put it in my wallet and wrote the local airport's phone number on it. I also printed out my name with the FAA#, laminated it with packing tape and taped it inside my plane's battery compartment.

A bit of apprehension came over me when I got ready to call the airport. I have been in hundreds of airports as a passenger to and from more than 50 countries and 47 states, but nothing matched this. I wasn't worried about being "bullied" by some rule-spewing legalist. However, I was worried about one thing -- being prevented from flying near my home on a field that is perfect for...Continue Reading
Posted by UpNup | Apr 21, 2017 @ 09:08 PM | 4,982 Views
Arcy Plain came to visit again today.
Posted by UpNup | Apr 21, 2017 @ 06:56 PM | 5,013 Views
This week I had the opportunity to speak to 40 kids attending at my church (AWANA). I brought my PZ Sport Cub S2 to the class and spoke for 20 minutes to two different groups. I told them that missionaries sometimes have to fly planes like this one--and why.

The kids enjoyed hearing about Nate Saint and his missionary friends. And although five men were killed, their family members returned to the very same people and helped them know about Jesus and that He would forgive them for killing their husbands, brothers, and fathers. And many of this people group, the Wadani, of Ecuador, did become followers of Jesus.

After speaking to them, I gave each child their own paper plane. I printed out plans on ledger-sized white card stock (11" X 17"). I also had put one together so they could see it. Each plane had a wingspan of 10.25" and was 7" long. The kids loved it. The story, use of the RC plane, and also taking home a plane they could put together seemed to go over well.

Out of the 40 kids present, at least 10 said they would like to be a missionary pilot when they grew up. I think that was a good use of an RC plane!
Posted by UpNup | Apr 02, 2017 @ 04:20 PM | 5,345 Views
A maiden flight is nerve wracking. This was my second plane and I worked hours on covering it with Econocote. However, it was still a ParkZone Sport Cub BNF underneath all that art.

Would it be too heavy? Did I miss an adjustment on the flaps or ailerons? Should I try to get more experience on my transmitter? (DX6e) Is my field big enough? What if I crashed right in front of my wife who was on the camera? I studied several videos online even examining crash videos of this plane.

So, I won't sugarcoat my 12 second maiden. A wind gust caught the plane on takeoff and I chose not to correct and flew downwind. There was not much lift that way and I banked it right into a pine tree. It bounced scross the limbs and floated to the ground. The plane landed with its spinner in the mud. No harm.

Well, I flew three other times today and even cartwheeled it once. This is a tough bird. And the Econocote covering that I worried so much about helped it have a sturdy frame.

Update: My elevator settings were too severe on throttle up. I'm taking them back to 0% and plan to see how it flies.
Update: The plane few just fine with no mixing. In fact, the plane was steadier than my Champ S+ and impervious to 10 mph breezes.