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Posted by NitroTom | Aug 02, 2017 @ 07:08 AM | 2,378 Views
I am going to make a discussion about flight controllers here.

Topics include sources to purchase from, Board design, brand names, controller software, etc.....

I am going to start by going over the 3 F/C's I have in my 3 quads.

First the Vortex Fusion Gen2 FlightController, with OSD, and BlackBox Recorder using Clean Flight

Next the Blade Theory and it's Spektrum SPMFC3207 Flight Controller using Beta Flight.

Finally the Lumenier Quad with it's LUX V2 Flight Controller also using Beta Flight

Stay tuned.


Update - 8-3-17 - Cannot find any source for the manual for the Vortex Fusion F3 Gen 2 F/C.

Disappointed and IMHO this is the type of thing holding this hobby back.

As even when you find the F/C manual it does not have some of the info you need? I posted here and on FPVLAB so let's see if anyone answers from Immersion on either forum. more info ASAP on the Fusion F3

Next on to the Spektrum SPMFC3207 Flight Controller using Beta Flight. So I can download the manual from here, Horizon Hobby is great!

However IMHO this manual is far from complete. Does not go over the start up beeps, or lights, or much of anything IMHO for that matter. Am I wrong here? I got no info on what if I want to hook up LED's? Or Info on the boot loader button.......but I guess that falls on General F/C info and Betflight/cleanflight type stuff?

Remember, I am a Newbie so I am writing this from a newbie's perspective....Continue Reading
Posted by NitroTom | Jul 31, 2017 @ 08:50 AM | 2,977 Views
So this is my BLOG on RCGroups!

I guess I should start out saying I am a "General R/C Addict" as I have cars, planes, helis, and now quad racers.

Here is my largest model when it was under construction - a 30% Yak with a DA-50 Gas motor controlled by Spectrum Radio.

Also a few other R/C toys as an example, like my poor Flyton Extra and some quad action.

Not real sure how this BLOG thingie works but all my other planes/cars/trucks/Quads are posted under click the comments button below if you want to see more!