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Jumper T16 Pro Hall Gimbal Open Source Built-in Module Multi-protocol Radio Transmitter 2.4G 16CH 4.3" LCD


Mode 1 = right hand throttle

Mode 2 = left hand throttle

The T16 Pro version does indeed support Crossfire and in CRSF mode with LUA script support and most importabtly users could use JP4in1 and CRSF a same time.If you are looking for the most compact, most afforabe and most EPIC Crossfire compatible TXin the market today look no further than the Jumper T16 Pro.

Jumper T16 Pro features:
Gimbal Type: HALL SENSOR
Built-in Multi-protocol Module
Removable battery
Supports Telemetry
Memory 16M (can be expanded by Micro SD card)
Voice function
Vibration reminder function
Standard JR module slot
6-Flight Mode Buttons (for APM and Pixhawk flight controllers)
Two-color LED status display
Wheel menu button
Compatible with JumperTX (An independent fork of OpenTX)
Industrial grade 4.3 inch 480*272 outdoor readable color screen
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18 is the Lucky Number of www.qwinout.com
So from today on,we will offer a surprise for each number End with 18,for example, the order number.
QwinOut1518 will receive a Jumper T16 Pro as free gift
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As a drone hobbist,you might have a lot of drones .
we always want to try the newest ones,so we buy one and another.this takes a large amount of money and space,do you agree?
Do you want to exchange you drones with the one that you have not tried before?
Do you want to sell the drones that you do not want any more?
Do you want to buy a second hand drone at low price?
if you have the requirements above ,Please contact us,we can offer a Platform to help you buy and sell

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Flight control Configurator software


Betaflight is a general term for a series
Mainly used two software
Assistant software called: Betaflight Configurator
Black box view and vibration pop stats software called: betaflight / blackbox-log-viewer
Betaflight is currently the best and most widely used flight control assistant software, also known as ground station.
Can be applied to windows, MacOS, Linux and other platforms
Betaflight main page address
Click on the sub-link of the "Configuration Tool" on the page.
Will enter the main interface of Betaflight Assistant software Betaflight Configurator
Here is a special reminder, with the Betaflight Configurator, be sure to follow the instructions on the main page to install the driver.
Virtualize the USB port of the computer into a data serial port
In this way, the USB cable can be inserted into the flight controller for adjustment.

Another common assistant software, Cleanflight, is also in Github.
Black Box View and Shock Pop Statistics Software
Betaflight / blackbox-log-viewer
Main page address
Download page

3.BLHELI ESC Assistant Software
Here I only touched the 32-bit ESC, using a software called BLHELI to adjust the ESC
Mainly used for two functions
1, brush the firmware
2, change the direction of motor rotation
Main page address
Download page
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Diatone GTB 329 Cube 2S / 339 Cube 3S 3 inch Toothpick 120mm FPV Racing Drone Quadcopter PNP with MAMBA F411NANO MB1103 6500KV 5500KV Motor
Brand name: Diatone
Item name: DIATONE GTB 329/339
Paddle size 3 inch
Rated voltage 2S / 3S
Wheelbase 120 mm
Weight 45 g
Model configuration
Antenna: Copper pipe antenna
Flight Control: MAMBA F411NANO
ESC: MAMBA 124 /12A 4S Dshot 600 Motor: MAMBA Racing MB1103 6500KV/5500KV
This kit does not include a receiver, remote control, and battery
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Happymodel Crazybee F4 PRO V3.0 Flight Controller Blheli_S 10A 2-4S Brushless ESC compatible Frsky/ Flysky Receiver for Cinecan 4K Racing Drone

Can fit for Mobula7 Mobula7 HD Larva X FPV Racing Drones

(Frsky version) CRAZYBEE F4FR PRO V3.0 Firmware target: CrazybeeF4FR
(Flysky version) CRAZYBEE F4FS PRO V3.0 Firmware target: CrazybeeF4FS
(No RX version) CRAZYBEE F4 PRO V3.0 Firmware target: CrazybeeF4DX
MCU:STM32F411CEU6 (100MHZ, 512K FLASH)
Sensor: MPU-6000(SPI connection)
Board size: 28.5 * 28.5MM
Power supply: 2-4S battery input (DC 7-17V)
Built-in 10A(each) Blheli_S 4in1 ESC Dshot600 ready
Frsky version Built-in SPI Frsky receiver with telemetry(D8/D16 switchable)
Flysky version Built-in SPI Flysky receiver with telemetry(AFHDS/AFHDS2A switchable)
No RX version need to add external Receiver
Built-in Betaflight OSD(SPI Control)
Built-in Current meter Max 70A
Current meter scale set to 470
Built-in 5V 1A BEC
Built-in voltage detection
MCU upgraded to EFM8BB21
Power supply: 2-4S LiPo/LiPo HV (7v/17v)
Current: 10A continuous peak 12A (5 seconds)
Support BLHeliSuite programmable
Factory firmware: F_H_40_REV16_5.HEX
Default protocol: DSHOT600
SPI BUS receiver
Frsky D8/D16 switchable
Compatible Non EU transmitter both D8 and D16 mode
Channels: 8ch or 16ch
Failsafe support
No ground interference ( Transmitter and receiver 1 m from the ground): 300m
SPI BUS receiver
Protocol: AFHDS and...Continue Reading
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How to set the Betaflight for Mobula7 Mobula 7 HD FPV Racing Drone

For Beginners,it might be a little hard to understand the betaflight setting.
Here let us try a easy way to process it,Hope it can helps
1.if you buy the BNF Version,you need bind the transmitter to the receiver first after receive the drone
Please read the user manual before binding,set the transmitter at 5ch and 6ch like the picture below shows

like the picture shows,at the first line,choose Aux1 ,set the 5ch ,it is the start up switch
the below 3 lines ,you can set the modes,set the transmitter 6ch,then choose Aux 2,you can set 3 modes according to your transmitter,but the 3 modes cannot coincide.
please note that the switches on your transmitter which has been set as 5ch or 6ch cannot be used for other modes,or your drone will cannot fly.
hope this can help you,if anyone has better ways,welcome leave comments and discuss with us,thanks
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How to connect a External receiver for Mobula 7 Mobula7 HD

If you get a Drone that does not have the receiver you want,how to process it ?
Here let me show you how to add an external receiver for a Mobula7 or Mobula7 HD
As we know,Mobula7 FC Built-in receiver,if the receiver builit-in is not the version you want,you can add an external receiver directly
Take Frsky receiver as an example

how to connect it?
first,you need not remove the exist receiver,because it will broke your FC,
then,weld the frsky receiver to your board directly,like this ,just weld the IR1 ,5V and GND
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QWinOut Featherbird-135 135mm Brushless FPV Racing Drone 2S DIY RC Quadcopter BNF with MiniF4 FC XT1104-7500KV Motor FD800 Receiver
get 15% off with this code G3K0JA8CHDPZ

Product Description: The Featherbird-135 frame is made of high-strength carbon fiber, light weight, resistant to falling and crashing, and the frame size is small. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is equipped with a special 3D printing XT30 plug holder.

Model: Featherbird-135
Wheelbase: 135MM
Flight Control: MiniF4
Motor: 1104 7500KV
ESC: 15A
Paddle: 2840 3-blade paddle
Battery / Power: 2s 7.4V 450mah (Not Include in BNF Version)
Flight time: 4 minutes or so (the specific flight time depends on the movement of your flight)
Remote control distance: 700 meters in the air (the actual flight distance is related to the environment)

Product features and features
1.1200TVL low latency ultra clear quality camera
2.XT30 plug holder prevents the power line from being hit by the blade during flight
3. Adjust the camera angle according to your needs
4. Built-in OSD can return flight parameters in real time
5.3D printing material and carbon fiber material mix and light weight, the noise generated by motor rotation when the aircraft takes off is small
6. The aircraft has been debugged for you before delivery. The flight mode has been set to self-stabilization and semi-auto-stable. You can set it according to your needs.
Package include:
Featherbird-135 rack*1
XT1104-7500KV Brushless Motors*4
15A 4in1 ESC*1
MiniF4 Flight Controller*1
FSD-252 25mw~200mw VTX*1
Turbo Eos2 2.1mm 4:3 NTSC*1
2840 3-blade paddle*10 (10 Pairs)
FD800 Receiver*1 (Compatible with FRSKY D8 receiver SBUS system)
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Preorder Happymodel Larva X 2-3S 2.5inch Brushless FPV Racing Drone 100mm Wheelbase Crazybee F4 PRO V3.0 AIO Flight Controller Camera Angle Adjustable 25mw~200mw VTX


Preorder,will be available at August 15th to August 30th

Brand Name: Happymodel
Item Name: Larva X 2-3S 2.5inch Brushless FPV drone
Wheelbase: 100mm
Size: 88mm*88mm*45mm(without propellers)
Weight: 50g(without battery)
Recommended Battery:

3S 300mah/350mah 2S 450mah

New Crazybee F4 PRO V3.0 AIO Flight controller 2-4s Lipo Compatible

Powerful and smoothly
Betaflight OSD support ,easy to get RSSI, Voltage ,current from your goggles
Camera Angle adjustable
VTX power switchable 25mw~200mw
Smartaudio ready , change VTX bands, powers, channels via OSD
Receiver option : Frsky D8 ,Flysky , Specktrum ,Frsky RXSR ,TBS CRSF

Diamond VTX Ready
Compatible both for 2s-3s Lipo/LIHV
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Radiolink A560 3D Fixed Wing Airplane need review,is any one interested in it? the Radiolink Factory will send the airplane to you directly.


This is their new product.now need 2 or 3 reviews,here is what they requested
1. The best evaluation theme is . Product features / highlights or use tutorials to avoid simple out of the box video
2. Don't mention how and how you get the product to measure (so you can let the tester fans see the assessment is fair and equitable)
3. Video and other content related to: out of the box, product function introduction and off-site use, etc.
4. Be sure to put the official purchase link store and official website address below the video (currently only Amazon US station, AliExpress store), after-sale contact information (reflecting our friendly service)
5.it would be great if Reviewer has more than 1000 fans ; or have at least 300 fans
Any one who want this airplane,please contact me at [email protected] ,...Continue Reading
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Happymodel XT30 Plug Pigtail Power Wire 100F Capacitor for Mobula7 HD Sailfly-X TRASHCAN UR85 UR85HD Crazybee F3 / F4 PRO Parts


Wholesale link

Wire length: 70mm(include xt30)
Height: 2.6gram
Used for : Crazybee F3 / F4 PRO series flight controller
Can avoid the risk of burning the mosfet or the 5v regulator at the moment of power on
With this Capacitor , we can use 3S 300~350mah battery for the Crazybee F4 PRO V2.0 and Crazybee F4 PRO V2.1 , and 2s 300~350mah battery for the Crazybee F4 PRO V1.0
And if you want to use the battery above 350mah , we recommend use 220 uF or above capacitor.

We found most of the 5v regulator and esc of the Crazybee F4 flight controller burnt after mod the PH2.0 to XT30 . Also, more powerful the battery is(lower esr than stock battery) , more possibility to fail. And, the temporary solution is add a low esr capacitor onto xt30 connector. This capacitor should have a esr less than 0.2 ohm and have a capacitance more than 100uF. Rubycon ZLG/ZLH series and Samyoung NXB series are what we have tested and recommended.
Following pictures show what happened after plug in battery:
Without 100uF, the max spike voltage increase to ~25v while with 100uF it decrease to about 20v, which is acceptable to Crazybee F4 PRO V2.0 and Crazybee F4 PRO V2.1
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GEPRC Phoenix3 GEP-PX3 140mm Wheelbase F4 FC 3 Inch FPV Racing Drone PNP BNF W/ RunCam Micro Swift Camera VTX 1206 4500KV Motor


Name: PHANTOMThe size of the gep-px3 version is more of an outdoor flight, and the size and power upgrades mean better flight performance.

The frame is a 3-inch version of PX, and the lens protection material is still 7075 aluminum.The overall use of 3K carbon fiber, 3mm thickness of the bottom plate and 1.5mm thickness of the top plate to ensure the durability of the frame.3D printed TPU tail combination LED lamp design.Position the battery up and down according to the flight habits.The overall model is compact and delicate, beautiful appearance.

This major upgrade to the powerpack will be paired with SpeedX's gr1206-4500kv motor and the EMAX AVAN Mini 3-inch propeller, powered by a 4s battery, for excellent flight performance.

The camera adopts Runcam Micro Swift, and the flight control system adopts STABLE F4 Towe 20A version, which is simple and convenient to install, STABLE and good system, suitable for small wheelbase competition.

Wheelbase: 140mm
Camera protection: 7075 aluminum
Bottom plate: 3mm
Top plate: 2mm
side plate: 1mm
Motor: GEPRC GEP-GR1206 4500Kv
Propeller: EMAX AVAN Mini propeller
GPRC STABLE F4 Tower (GEP-F4-BS20A-VTX58200-M) V1.4
Flight Controller: Betaflight F4 OMNIBUS
ESCs: 20A BLHeli_S/...Continue Reading
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GEPRC PHANTOM Toothpick Freestyle 125mm 2-3S FPV RC Drone Quadcopter PNP BNF with 1103 8000KV Motor F4 Flight Control 12A ESC


Many people prefer the 4S version,the 4S version with 5500KV motor,it is preorder now ,will be available at the beginning of August,same price

Motor: GEPRC GEP-GR1103
Wheelbase: 125mm
Propeller: 65mm
VTX:5.8g 200mW
-Weight: 51g (without battery)

1.All 3k fiber carbon plate
2.GEP-12A-F4 AIO
3.GEP-GR1103 motor
4.Support 2-3S Lipo
5.Include betaflifht OSD
6.IRC Tramp

-1 x PHANTOM Quadcopter
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it seems that many people are talking about cinewhoop,and many factories in China are producing cinewhoop FPV Drones
but what cinewhoop means ?
As far as I am concerned,cinewhoop is a frame kit that can carry a Camera like GoPro Hero 7
like these drones ?
Posted by Qwinout | Jul 11, 2019 @ 05:38 AM | 2,045 Views
Drone FAQ Analysis and Solutions


Q:The motor cannot be started after power-on, no sound

R:Poor contact of power connector

A:Reinsert the connector or replace the connector

Q:The motor cannot be started after power-on, and the 哔-哔-, 哔-哔-, 哔-哔- warning tone is issued (the interval between every two sounds is 1 second)

R:Battery pack voltage is abnormal

A:Check battery pack voltage

Q:The motor cannot be started after power-on, and a 哔-, 哔-, 哔- warning tone is issued (the interval between each sound is 2 seconds)

R:Receiver throttle channel without throttle signal output

A:Check if the cooperation between the transmitter and the receiver is normal, and whether the throttle control channel wiring is tight.

Q:After the power is turned on, the motor can't start, and the "哔, 哔, 哔, 哔, 哔" sounds a single tone.

R:The throttle is not reset to zero or the throttle stroke is set too small

A:Put the throttle stick to the lowest position;

Reset throttle stroke

Q:After power-on, the motor will not start, and a 哔-哔- beep will sound, then a 56712 special tone will sound.

R:Throttle channel "positive/reverse" error

A:Refer to the remote control manual to adjust the positive/reverse orientation of the throttle channel.

Q:Motor reversal

Q:Wire...Continue Reading
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This is indoor copter, Cant be flying outdoor when there is wind!Cant be flying too high to affect the sight!
It is necessary to go to a place with a large space to play it (Especially the novice must pay attention)!

If the Copter collides with items such as walls, you must timely lower the throttle! Otherwise ESCs and motors may be burned, and battery may be burned or exploded.

About the Li-po Battery:
1s=3.7v is the best retention voltage for the copters battery. After fully charged, it is about 4.2v. The battery voltage is below 3.5v for over-discharge.

2s=7.4v. After fully charged, it is about 8.4v. The voltage is below 3.5v 7.0v for over-discharge.

The battery that just flying used cannot be charged immediately (it will cause damage to the battery).

If you have any questions, such as binding Remote controller, please contact our customer service, we will provide technical services in a timely manner.
BeatFlight Firmware download URL

Driver download:

Before Flying, Please check if all screws on the motors and other place are secure.
The welding part of Flight controller is easy to be damaged , Please connect the battery and the copter kit very carefully. (Take out the battery a little first and then connect it to the flight controller. DO NOT tug on the cables with the flight controller directly, or it will be damaged)

Please connect the battery in the right way (Red wire to Red wire, Black wire to Black wire). Wrong connection will damage the Flight Control Board.

The ESC/Flight Controller/Motor/Battery and other accessories are damaged due to personal flight errors. Please purchase accessories to replace them yourself.
Thank you for your cooperation.