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Posted by flyinjrc74 | Feb 23, 2014 @ 09:21 AM | 11,906 Views
Want to do something other than shoot grainy pictures and video with your Blade 180 quad? Heres a simple DIY skydiver or ordinance drop module. Simply cut a 2" to 2-1/2" x 1" wide piece of thin plywood or plastic such as a credit card and glue a 5gram servo to it like shown. I used hot melt glue. Then remove the crappy camera and using the velcro stap insert the drop module facing downward. Attach a small rubber band to the skid strut. Plug servo lead into the port that the video cam plugs into and adjust servo arm so that when you press the camera button the rubber band slips off the servo arm releasing payload. Add your favorite ordinance or skydiver. Mine has worked everytime with no issues, takes under 10 minutes to build and install. I have been testing its accuracy and my skill locating then releasing above my cats. So far 6 kills and two misses and I have yet to get scratched Enjoy!
Posted by flyinjrc74 | Feb 17, 2014 @ 01:39 PM | 10,123 Views
As most know the midwest has had a rough winter as the windsock in the first pic will indicate. Subzero temps and SNOW up the wazoo!!! It finally warmed up enough for me to get out to fly my Slow Stick on floats, I built this in December and was able to maiden it three weeks ago at night then it got cold again. It flies awesome and balances perfect with a 3S 2200 lipo. These are great airplanes for snow and water operations, this one has ailerons on it and uses a set of Hobbyzone floats. One fun $125 dollar floatplane! Now its time to warm up and think SPRING!!!
Posted by flyinjrc74 | Feb 16, 2014 @ 02:08 AM | 9,405 Views
Flies on 3&4S lipos. I added lights to it after a long run trying to sell it with no luck...

Oh well, she is tossed back into the night flyer line up. I soldered together red and white to make the eyes, i cut the foam out of the wing and layed them in sideways. Worked out well! Thanks for viewing.
Posted by flyinjrc74 | Feb 12, 2014 @ 12:29 AM | 13,525 Views
I have been wanting the Habu 2 but cannot see dropping $3-400 on a foam jet with par performance. I thought the answer might be in the Dynam Meteor with retracts, boy was I wrong!

Let me start by saying I have not flown this yet, according to reviews it flies great...

I recieved a email ad from Grayson Hobby showing it on sale for $159.99 so after doing some searching around I jumped on it. Shipping ran $15 bucks and only took it 5 days to show(much better than the 29 days it took them to get me my DX9)up. I pulled it out and had it mostly assembled in about an hour bur after retracting the gear I wanted to make sure impeller was spinning the correct direction, I applied the throttle about halfway and boom!!!! The impeller decided it wanted to eat its way through the right intake. The damn impeller screw was not tight fron the factory? I turned the hobbyroom lights off and walked away after seeing my new jet laying there with foam chunks all over and a tore up impeller. I guess I am lucky I didnt get hurt or lose some fingers!

Later I filed a claim with Grayson, after 4 days they finally responded, they told me UPS would be picking it up and they would let me know when they would get it and would ship me a new one as soon as UPS had the junk one in their posession. However they didnt??? I caught the Ups man on the third attempt to pick up. After waiting another 7 days I emailed grayson hobby, no response so I had to call them to convey my irritation with them. After only...Continue Reading
Posted by flyinjrc74 | Feb 09, 2014 @ 02:28 AM | 8,809 Views
I bought this PPG from my brother Donny a few days back. He designed and built the gondola a couple years ago. This one has about 50 flights on it using a 45a esc and Rimfire 3536 1200kv outrunner. It flies best using a Seabreeze 62" canopy and 3S 3000mah lipo. Heres the kicker, I want to fly it at night so here we go again. ADDING LIGHTS

I added white lights to the top of the prop ring to light up its red and yellow canopy(works excellent) and then a mix of red, green and white in other places so I know which direction its headed. This thing takes off easily from the ground and can carry a camera if need be. I added 4" inflatable main tires and a 4 blade prop to increase climb a bit. All I need now is warm and dry weather so I can fly it. I cant wait!!!

These are very easy to build but the biggest expense is buying the SeaBreeze parachute. The 62" canopy will set you back about $160 but it is made in the USA so you get what you pay for.....
Posted by flyinjrc74 | Feb 09, 2014 @ 01:58 AM | 8,735 Views
My friend Joe handed this off to me a few months back, I love rehabing these old Sig Seniors. I recently started rounding up items needed to complete it. It had stock landing gear on it and old electronics inside. It wont see wheels again, it is getting fitted with a set of 36" floats that I used on a V-tail Senior I converted a few years back(its in this blog).

It will also be getting strobes and nav lights, a electric power plant, fresh covering and a twin vertical stab set-up. I plan to recover it with Teal, Cub yellow and silver Monokote. I will be adding flaps or flaperons as it was built originally a four channel airplane. I am trying to keep the weight down on it and when finished should be a beautiful model to fly in the snow and later this year at the lake. I will keep adding pics as I go and hopefully some video when it goes out for maidening.

Currently I am looking for a power 60 sized motor and esc, two rolls of teal covering and a roll of Cub Yellow Monokote. If you happen to have these items for sale or have any suggestions on prop, motor, esc or lipo batteries please let me know. With the removable top battery hatch I added I have plenty of room for a large battery. Thanks for viewing!
Posted by flyinjrc74 | Feb 09, 2014 @ 01:40 AM | 7,530 Views
Ive had this on the shelf for quite some time. It had a little Cox .020 in it and was never flown. It was built by Mike Brown in the early eighties. The wing was in need of new covering but all else was in great condition. I put a Turnigy 2000Kv motor and a 6a esc in it and used two 5G servos to guide it. I took a break this morning and after a couple hours of work it was ready to go.

The weather was a solid 12 out today with no wind and light snow falling. Great weather for a 3 channel maiden flight here in MI(being sarcastic)..

With a quick flip of the throttle and some left rudder it was up-up and away. It was fast for its size but very stable in flight and slowed to a gentle landing. Next stop, the gymnasium at Clay High School next weekend. Cant wait to buzz it around indoors where it will be WARM!!!!

I dont have a clue who manufactured it but it had no landing gear so I added it for indoor flying. The gear worked excellent. Anyone know who may have kitted this? I was thinking possibly Midwest....

Anyways, just wanted to show off another nitro plane shocked by electric!