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Posted by Chophop | Dec 22, 2016 @ 07:59 AM | 19,987 Views
As my Entertrainer build comes to a close, I see a new build coming that would overcome my hated obstacles, the fence and wires. The XTI Trifan 600. This looks like it will be the most practical VTOL to date.
There is a full scale Trifan approaching it's appearance, although I can't afford a real one, I can have a model. My plan is to hopefully use an open source Tricopter flight controller I can modify for this job. One challenge will be in how it manages flight mode transitions from VTOL to conventional airplane configuration and back. The rear fan covers will be a challenge also, they must be flawless in function and seal well in conventional mode. I see no reason I can't do this. This way I escape the fence, sun, and wires obstacles.
Some peeks below.