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Posted by thijs slotman | Today @ 03:23 PM | 130 Views
eachine E016H review (9 min 12 sec)

Posted by Boone 870 | Today @ 12:37 PM | 176 Views
After nearly a full year of use with my modified DX6, a recurring problem needed to be solved. On the DX6, the gimbal assemblies are made out of plastic. With my lack of sensation and fine motor skills, I was continually over stressing the plastic gimbal assemblies by banging them against their stops and causing them to crack and break.

The solution was to install gimbal assemblies that were made of metal instead of plastic and the fine folks at Horizon Hobbies set me up with a set of DX20 gimbal assemblies. After receiving the assemblies, I realized they were different dimensions than those of the DX6, requiring further modifications to the old transmitter housing or a I'd have to go a new route altogether.

Seeing that I was getting a lot more comfortable with flying, I thought it was time to upgrade to a better transmitter with more functions so I went with a DX9. A couple of low-cost plastic boxes from Amazon, some random hardware laying around that shop and a little ingenuity resulted in this new and much more ergonomically suited contraption.
Posted by Frank Church | Today @ 12:16 PM | 189 Views
....and found 'em too! Aircraft is a GWS Slow Stick which is no longer available, which is a pity, a fun airplane.
Posted by mudman1959 | Today @ 10:49 AM | 227 Views
Due to in-climate Weather this page is closed until Spring hits... It's too cold in the build shed to do anything.

Posted by Degothia | Today @ 10:31 AM | 264 Views
I have recently taken an interest in FPV and have been researching for the last few months (Started around Sept. 18). I have about 75% of my gear bought now and have begun building two of my three quads.

I have an Arris C250 V2 that I picked up cheap in the US on vacation recently that I am going to start on. It's a bind and fly that I will be adding a TBS crossfire to and basically beating to death in the spring. The idea being that I can make mistakes and crash it until I figure out what I'm doing and then move on to another freestyle build once I know what I'm doing.

I am also building a 7 inch GPS equipped Chameleon Ti for some medium/long range experimentation. It will start out as a 4S and eventually be a 6S once I decide what motor/prop combo will work best with that. I will do a build journal once I get all the parts and figure out the best place to put everything.

I am also building a Floss 2.1 Team 4S race quad that I can convert to 6S with motor swaps after I get better at flying it. I will have a build journal for this Quad as well.

This blog will mostly be for me to look back at as I progress and also keep a history of what I was doing wrong/right in the past. A real time record of my progress in FPV.

I live in Bracebridge Ontario Canada and would like to meet other FPV enthusiasts in my area to fly with and learn from.

Currently taking my time getting my gear sorted out but I'm almost there.
Posted by Frank Church | Today @ 10:07 AM | 276 Views
After a 10 minute cruise around the neighborhood this is the last two minutes or so of my FlyLite camera ship "threading the needle", a white knuckle ending to a relaxing flight. Lesson: watch that wind drift!
Posted by Friday_flyer | Today @ 08:06 AM | 325 Views
I wish to start sharing my build log for my full size Supersonic Skyhunter 1800 from Banggood

Let me begin by attaching the photos how I received the item and the content of the box.

- Box was partially damaged, shipped through EMS.
- Wings were deformed
- Fuselage Belly protection was missing.

I reported to Banggood the condition and immediately they replied and refunded $30 for the troubles caused.

Thanks Banggood for the quick action...hope you can improve the packaging on your next shipment to protect the contents.
Posted by Galox | Today @ 06:10 AM | 398 Views
Caddx Turbo Micro SDR2 PLUS FPV Camera

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Posted by Galox | Today @ 06:09 AM | 397 Views
X120 120W Touch Screen Smart 6S Balance Charger

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Posted by mlilasic | Today @ 05:32 AM | 446 Views
Review (ip) of CNHL G+PLUS 22.2V 1500mAh 6S 100C Lipo Battery XT60 Plug for RC Drone FPV Racing

My new 6S lipo for my 6S LR quad came. Looks great.

Brand name: CNHL
Item name: G+PLUS 22.2V 1500mAh 100C Lipo Battery
Capacity: 1500mAh
Voltage: 22.2V / 6-Cell / 6S1P
Discharge Rate: 100C Continual / 200C Burst
Charge Rate: 5C Max
Balance Connector: JST / XH
Size: 52X35X90mm
Output Connector: XT60

In the box:

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Posted by jameschen072 | Today @ 03:34 AM | 703 Views
MN90 1/12 Defender Review

Videos pending


Hi everyone!
Ever since the WPL B and C series came along, Iíve been hooked on these cheap trucks with fantastic looking bodies (Looks like itís become somewhat of a trend in the industry!). As frustrating as they are to build sometimes, once the transmission is upgraded, these trucks run great and itís really not too difficult to find realistic scenery to roam through.
So, a buddy of mine was nice enough to get me this to play with- the MN90, which looks to be a hybrid WPL chassis with a Land Rover 90 body. As there doesnít seem to be a thread on this truck, I thought it might be worthwhile to do a short writeup so as to help those still on the fence about the MN90 make an informed decision. Please note that this review is mostly discussing the kit form of the truck, as the RTR uses non-standard radio gear and has non-proportional steering.

Dimensions: 35*16.5*20.5cm
Motor: 180 brushed
Servo: 17g Three-wire

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Posted by dsquad | Today @ 12:54 AM | 491 Views
BUGS 6 Full Review (10 min 20 sec)

Posted by MikeRx | Yesterday @ 11:50 PM | 524 Views
Here is an early evolution of my sub 250 gram speedmodels, 1.5 yr ago.
Only 177 grams with 370 mah 6s.
High winds and use of speed range show good flight character and high efficiency.
That was less than 280 mah flight...
3s prop setup in pic..
Tiny pylon racer in winds on 6s, 25 volts! (4 min 48 sec)

Posted by lawrence4 | Yesterday @ 10:07 PM | 548 Views
My vector paper plane 7 years ago.
3mm foam
Wingspan 528mm
Long 563mm
Motor C1404 2900kv 9.6g
Battery 2S 250mAh
Propeller GWS EP-4530
Weight 150g
Servo x 3 (pull-pull system)
Posted by ptern | Yesterday @ 09:25 PM | 640 Views
I am starting this thread on how to rewind the K110 1s motor to make it run on 2S.
The preferred new wire size is 31AWG gauge or 0.226mm or 0.0089 inches wire diameter.
Posted by erikspencer | Yesterday @ 09:11 PM | 561 Views
First ever vertical box-frame w/ split-level, I think.

Also, just for looks, first ever slanted roof (using only carbon). Supposed to give a smaller projected footprint when flying at angle, ...but most 3d printed pods already do this.

These frames are becoming popular with some German pilots for their flight characteristics. ( Carbix frames or Blitzfpv frames ).

I think the gist is low-drag & reduced drift. The box-frame distributes loads well, allows just 2mm arms, so it's not horrible on weight.

I have a 66 gram version (no hardware weight) getting approved on Armattan Productions, mainly just to show this can be done w/o being too heavy or expensive--I expect under $40.
Posted by racedouge1 | Yesterday @ 08:54 PM | 560 Views
1968 Moore point to point CNC jig grinder running on Fanuc 16...This baby is in tip-top shape. When I was a lot younger I used to do 200 holes a day on a manual.
Posted by racedouge1 | Yesterday @ 08:31 PM | 586 Views
Some unfortunate news...RC Foam is going out of business, I guess if you can't get Depron any more you can't sell it. Fortunately for me I drove down and picked up a box of 9mm. So I built a mini bow and have a whipit. I wonder what kind of wing I can build with a whole box.
Posted by BarnOwl | Yesterday @ 06:04 PM | 615 Views
Recently I got myself an ASW 28 glider, a Grand Tundra and the latest Spitfire 1450mm as toys. I have not flown the Spitfire yet as I still have to finish the build but it is my only warbird and a beautiful one.......