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I havent put in any RC gear ..
But I thought I might Chuck it some more ...
It does seem to like / favour a forward CG , perhaps it's that Canard ? Lifting the nose ?

Prime Jet pro Back Yard Chuck's (4 min 22 sec)

Next I will start installing the RC goodies , I will start with the 9g servos , then solder up a 4ch FS2A Rx and then install the ESC and EDF .

Hmmmm , I might Park it before I try to apply power ( The little hill = test glide )
Posted by PeterVRC | Yesterday @ 07:14 PM | 132 Views
Not exactly RC aircraft modeling, but if you LIKE aircraft then you might very well like Flight Simulators also. If you like Flight Simulators then you will LOVE VR !!!! "Incredible" is a good description of it.....

There are not really many VR Headset choices. The main two are the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive in plain or Pro versions. The Rift and plain Vive are the same specs pretty well, and the Vive pro is higher resolution but COSTS a fortune then!
So for various other reasons in the equations, the Oculus Rift is a clear winner in my totals of all aspects.

It cost AUD$529 for the "Occulus Rift with Touch" set at, which is pretty well $100 or more lower than anyone else sells them! And it was with free shipping. You WANT that 'Touch set', not just an Occulus Rift on its own! The extras it gives cost a FORTUNE to buy later, and you actually need EVERY item they have in that set!

Now you might think "That is quite an expensive thing", and in some ways it is, but you are getting stuff made like 'Mercedes" or "Apple" quality! This stuff is made 10/10 in no compromise, cover all needs to the Nth degree and in QUALITY.... and even the packaging and box are premium in every way you could do so! (Which Apple do, and this might exceed typical Apple packaging 'luxury' too!)
Also, consider the cost of a good monitor for a PC and then this whole Oculus Rift cost is very reasonable and I think worth every cent!
More so...Continue Reading
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The M7 is made to work 1S or 2S, but I can't see me running it 1S, since all I have to do on 2S inside is to limit throttle a little in my xmtr and I still get the power of 2S. With that in mind, I drew up a battery bay that would hold both large (450mAh and 550mAh) batteries along with the 260mAh stock batteries, including 300mAh batteries. Here's what I came up with for my 2S setups:

Name: M7 Weight.jpg
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Size: 493.9 KB
This 3D Printed bay is attached by clipping off the bottom of the current battery bay, leaving 1mm worth of a tab on each of the four arms and simply clipping it in (I use a tiny drop of hot melt glue on each tab just because. Also, it's easy to scrape off the hot melt glue if I want to detach the bay. ). The bay allows easy access to the USB plug.

Name: M7 Large Batteries Bottom.jpg
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Size: 179.3 KB
Here's what it looks like from the bottom with the large batteries

...Continue Reading
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My goal is to update the firmware, and add a multi protocol module.
BACKGROUND:I recently purchased this working TX from an auction. I already owned 2 older 9X, 1 Turnigy and 1 frsky. I decided to try to do a firmware upgrade and after lots of research and you-tube videos (mostly quite old ones) I decided to document these adventures for 2019.
#1 what firmware to use:
This TX came with it's original Turnigy 9x software.
I very much like OPEN-tx (thanks to you-tube edu-macation by R Scott Page) which I have in 2 current radios. A Jumper T12 using a modified version called Jumper TX and a new for Christmas Taranis QX7s. As I now understand only an older version 2.0 Open-TX would work on this older radio. Another choice, an even older OS as OPEN-9X.
Since I've been reading about an alternative ER9X and the work of Mike Blandford I decided this will be my go-to first attempt.
Mike also has a version of ER9x that seems to support the T-12 too.

#2.Here are the details of how I went about getting this working.
I purchased a USBasp board from a local US ebay vendor for around $ here for my E-BAY link
I could have got it cheaper but CA to AZ was quick for a little more.
I also purchased a 10-pin to 6pin adapter for $.99 click here for E-bay link
When I attempted to use this USBasp on my windows 10 computer it did not install correctly.
Research pointed me to This Zadig website for the correct drivers.
Following the install it loaded a default WIN USB driver showing up in...Continue Reading
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Most already know that i do enjoy "tools" that Work ! and by work i mean screwdriver inserts that dont break off or bend when you try to dig out that last stubborn screw or the screwdriver itself doesnt fall apart when you use it on anything other than foam. There are a multitude of different options available from pound/dollar shop sets that are a gamble on quality ( ive had some good sets and bad ) to mid-priced general sets and all the way up to expensive high quality sets that look very nice but are out of my price range ( doesnt stop me looking ).

My go-to set has been the Daniu 25in1 set in the 3rd post below and it suits me perfectly fine ( because its CHEAP, $4.44 atm ) the Daniu set is contained in a simple imitation leather wallet and the supplied bits are enough to take care of the majority of jobs you would use a mini screwdriver for. More importantly the bits are reliable and quite sturdy and havent bent or chipped even with my usual heavy handed abuse. The Daniu bits are held in the wallet in an angled slot which helps prevent the bits from falling out or coming loose in your pocket. I have had the Daniu set for quite a while now and its still in excellent condition with all bits in tact and i honestly have ZERO complaints about this set so i will use it as a benchmark to gauge the quality and reliability of all future sets.

The Christmas period left me a few 's in my wallet and having plenty of toys to play with i decided to buy a...Continue Reading
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In my latest video I look back at 2018 and then look forward to 2019 with a different outlook. An outlook that is nothing new, but more of the traditional RC plane hobbyists view on how things go in our crazy world. Hoping for an awesome 2019 experience as well as many more years to come. And hope everyone out there has a great new year as well.

Looking back at 2018 and looking forward to 2019 (7 min 45 sec)

Posted by nickden | Yesterday @ 09:03 AM | 339 Views
price after coupon:$449.99
Posted by nickden | Yesterday @ 08:57 AM | 343 Views

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom RC Drone [HK]
💰 Price: 999.20 USD (871.41 EUR)
💵 Discount code is: RC-20%OFF
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I will put links in this entry to some other threads that I have started and which contain some useful data. It's hard to find stuff on RCGroups as it gets older and buried!
This is a work in progress and will get updated from time to time.

The LiPo tool for calculating a safe continuous C rating from Internal Resistance of a LiPo
The background threads for the LiPoTool
A simple way to estimate the true C rating of a LiPo battery
A simple LiPo performance tool

Adapting computer SERVER power supplies as battery charger supplies.
How to convert Server Power Supplies. The main reference thread that links only to solutions.
Any other kind of post is ruthlessly deleted in order to keep this thread useful and concise.
A simple high quality 12Volt 100Amp Power Supply- Part1. Despite the weird title, this is the main discussion hangout for people interested in getting these powerful server supplies to run.
Using two power supplies for higher voltage/capacity chargers: safety issues

Lemon Instructions and support threads
Nigel (Daedalus66) and I write various instruction documents for the Lemon receiver products and also I start the "Official" Lemon...Continue Reading
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During the Christmas break my son (17yrs) designed on his own a frame that combines all the best technical solutions from all the frames he has been flying over past 2 years.

Basic data: size: 5 - 5.2"
Frame weight (as pictured, w/o pack): 255g
FC/ESC - Kiss CC
Motors: Wildfire 2205 2666kV by
Cam: Caddx Turbo EOS2
VTX: TBS Unify Pro Nano
Antenna: Gem 5.8GHz by Actuna
RX: TBS Crossfire Nano with XF Race antenna
Props: 5x4.5 HQprop
3D prints: hobbyking flexible TPU filament.
Posted by Larron | Jan 14, 2019 @ 10:44 PM | 587 Views
Posted by BEAMRC | Jan 14, 2019 @ 07:34 PM | 721 Views
Key Features

● CNC full metal precision rotor head w/8mm spindle.
● 11 tooth 6mm shaft size pinion, mod 0.8 (straight cut).
● 100 tooth main gear, mod 0.8 (straight cut).
● 4.0: 1 Tail Gear Ratio
● Designed for power system up to 6S or 12S Li-Po
● Carbon fiber frames for ultra-rigid and compact design
● Easily serviceable engine maintenance
● Triple bearing supported 10mm hardened main shaft
● 120-degree dual race ball bearing metal swashplate
● High-quality DuPont plastic injection mold w/strengthening fibers
● Stainless steel damper mounted bearing torque tube for high efficiency
● Top to bottom supported tail pitch plate for improved accuracy
● Dual race ball bearing with thrust bearing supported tail blade grips
● Front mounted rudder servo with push/pull bell crank
● Carbon tail boom supports
● Sleek Pre-painted fiberglass canopy
● The new lightweight landing gear

So many admirable qualities implanted in this machine:

Unique control system allowing free adjustment of this 3D champion.

Electric powered helicopter for 6S-12S LIPO.

Innovative design allows reducing weight, which leads to ultimate power output.

Take your advantage with your Avantgarde!
Posted by FIXXIN2FLY | Jan 14, 2019 @ 07:28 PM | 723 Views
Flying at Jerrys Hangar
Posted by JohnVH | Jan 14, 2019 @ 06:49 PM | 803 Views
How to remove the landing gear on the UMX Mig 15, and a 'gear up' flight!

Posted by Cid156 | Jan 14, 2019 @ 05:53 PM | 751 Views
Work in progess... waiting for the trashcan
Posted by | Jan 14, 2019 @ 03:35 PM | 805 Views
The new Gemfan 1635 (40mm) props are now available worldwide on Gearbest and Banggood. They are available in 3 and 4 blade options with 1mm centre hole for 06xx, 07xx, 08xx motors like on the snapper7, mobula7, trashcan beta 75pro 2 and 1.5mm holes for 1103 and larger motors like on the beta75x and fullspeed tinyleader.

I've ordered in 1mm in 3 and 4 blade to try. I'm guessing by the popularity of these small brushless quads that they'll go in and out of stock fairly regularly so you may need to shop around.

Here are the links below:

1.0 mm centre hole 3 blade 40mm

1.0mm centre hole 4 blade 40mm Banggood

...Continue Reading
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Thanks to Lonny I have extra floats for my second modification. My land floats work great with stearable front wheels and fixed aft main wheels but I want a set for water ops. The full scale Maule has longer floats in the front and some of our models (mine is heavy and has an aft CG) need more buoyancy aft of the step. So Im experimenting with a plug to extend the stock floats. Here is a 3.25 inch plug extenstion. The step will be in the same location but there will be more floatation buoyancy forward and aft of the step. The plug extension will be from Home Depot and its a magenta/light purple shade. It can be wrapped with white trim Monocote and 3 M 20X packing tape for strength and surface protection. The strut mounting plates will be relocated to the original positions for land/water swap out.

Ill be posting this in the float flyers section for input as well as the wheeled forum....Continue Reading
Posted by Kmot | Jan 14, 2019 @ 01:05 AM | 1,214 Views
Posted by GBLynden | Jan 14, 2019 @ 12:28 AM | 1,292 Views
In this video I step up my RC Game and Maiden my Freewing BAe Hawk T1 70mm EDF Jet!

Freewing BAe Hawk T1 70mm EDF Jet Red Arrow Maiden Flight (4 min 21 sec)

You will see me discuss how this is my first attempt to fly a 6S EDF Jet, I will show the flight battery I used, the maiden flight, and you will get to see some interesting extras along with a battery test at the end.

Here are my Review Notes For This Awesome 70mm EDF Jet:

- It flies incredibly well!
- The flight times appear to be very good so long as you aren't too heavy on the throttle.
- The build is easy with very little gluing required
- The airframe is bigger and more attractive than I expected
- Detailed pilot and cockpit dashboard
- Large battery bay to accommodate lots of battery options
- Very bright LED lights
- Good quality flaps installed
- An excellent all around EDF value for the price

- The only real con is needing to modify it to ensure debris doesn't get sucked up into the fan, but that wasn't too bad and clearly the jet flies great!
- This flight went so well I want to buy more EDF Jets like the Freewing L-39 and the E-flite F-16!