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Posted by stuball56 | Nov 30, 2012 @ 08:23 PM | 3,312 Views
Started with a Nano CPX, almost gave up. Too hard to fly. So I then picked up a MCX2 and a MCX Tandem. Sold my Nano. Loved the little coax's and then went for a 120 SR, love that one too. Then came my itch for a "big" bird, so the Blade 450 3D, which has yet to be flown, I have spun it up but no flight yet. I decided to train on the MCPX. Bought one used that has alot of upgrades, and one brand new "stock" one which I got on "Black Friday" for only $99.
Posted by stuball56 | Aug 10, 2012 @ 08:49 AM | 4,544 Views
I recieved my kit and have started working on this build, which is my first. My first plane too. I have been running land vehicles and boats for a while, but never an aircraft. Well, I did have a short time with the AR Drone, but sold it, didnt like it.
Anyway, here is the start of my Polaris Seaplane build:

Well packaged it was, here is all the parts that came with the kit, bought from ModelAero website.

Very nice decals