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Posted by k4zep | Aug 17, 2017 @ 07:17 AM | 825 Views
Now folks, this is written off the cuff, sort of meandering and sharing the thoughts of an ol Fart glider guider, so go easy on me. As time permits, I'm going to explore stabilization, in gliders. More specifically, the electric glider. You must realize that as the rules now stand, not much of what I will discuss below will be usable at contest, but remember I fly my gliders 95% of the time for fun, Contest, where the sky's are blue and the BS knee deep, are just gravy now. Having flown gliders since 1967, Varios for 40+ years, stabilization of some form for 30 years, I am a true glider fanatic.

Why are glider pilots, especially the ones that come up with the rules afraid of an electronically augmented and stabilized air frame? We put dihedral in a wing to stabilize the model for RES/REF. We make the tail booms super long to stabilize in pitch, we keep the CG forward to also stabilize in pitch! So why not stabilize electronically to simply make a better flying model. Notice I said better flying model! It doesn't make the pilot better, just a better airplane overall. We all know the smoother you fly, the better the model flys and the better flight times you get. It can't be technology, we use laser part cutters, Carbon Fiber, Zap glue, etc. etc. So we embrace some forms of technology but damn that little stabilizer. All the excuses about cost, only beginners need it, etc. etc, just doesn't add up! So many areas of our hobby do use it, I just say why not!...Continue Reading