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A while back i felt like i have reached the maximum potential with flat carbon fiber sheet frames. Also, there are so many good frames available from China and USA lately, so i felt like building something different. Something which can't be just mass manufactured. Something better, lighter and beautiful. Something absolutely top notch.
So i started experimenting with mini tube builds.
Here's two of my latest prototypes.

The sub150 is made purely for 150gr race class we have here in the winter season. It was pretty challenging to build.
The "nutter" is yet to see its first flight. Im sure it goes like nothing else, but the durability of the epoxy bonds need to be tested. Its extremely rigid, but will it hold together? I DNO... yet.
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I was lucky enough to get invited to Modelflight the other day to help review the new Blade Torrent 110

Blade Torrent 110 Review FPV Racer (4 min 58 sec)

More flight footage here:
Blade Torrent 110 FPV Racer (1 min 51 sec)
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I'm rebuilding two FPV planes and decided to make a self contained pod that can be installed on either plane with the minimum of bother.
And here it is.
The Vtx gets quite warm, it's a 600, so it is mounted in the air stream on a simple heat sink.
All the other goodies are tucked away under the deck and the 2 screws shown ahead of the antenna are used to hold the pod on either plane.
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Im flying my quad in my backyard adjusting my pids. Wife had to take a pic of me. Lol
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I had a life change recently, not a divorce, but a mentally ill teenager who no longers lives with us due to needing treatment we cannot provide. I wont air dirty laundry but will say the last 4 years it has basically meant I couldnt fly much. So I plan to fly a lot more starting this year but I need to ensure I have models for all the conditions around here to ensure max flight time.

Got rid of some of my old jets, and to replace with with newer models lol. So I feel like writing to justify my purchases so here it goes. Someday Ill write this again and include pics. These are currently in my collection or are on pre order, some still under construction but all needed items are in my possession.

Everyday flyers when the wind is bad (like 20 mph crosswinds) or rain is at risk any moment.
Freewing f16 70m
FMS avanti 70mm

Fast EDF for when there is strong wind but its not too crossy:
Habu 32
Ultrafly Spear
Fly Fly mig 29 (OLD)

EDF for when the weather is good and events
Pro Design Su-37
Freewing Super scale a10 twin 80mm

I have a few turbine jets as well
Jet Legend Viper
Yellow f-18 single
BVM Bandit (a kit under construction)

Of course I have my drones and FPV wings.

The last few years, when I did go fly, it was "fly big" since it was rare I got out, which meant turbines. HOwever I am losing my skills due to not enough stick time. I am hoping the set of jets I have will help revive them.

For those of you thinking I spend a...Continue Reading
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This is my first polycarbonate frame. 265 mm. Bottom plate is 5.6 mm, the top is 3 mm.
SP Racing F3 Evo flight controller with Betaflight, Matek PDB, DYS XSD20A escs, Racerstar BR2205 2300 motors, Gemfan 6030 props, X4RSB receiver, Runcam Swift Mini with tilt servo as usual, TBS Unify Pro HV vtx, micro minim osd. PCB antennas mounted with zip ties and heat shrink.
Iíve made several other quads using HDPE cutting boards for the frame. This one came out 30 grams lighter than an almost identical quad made with the cutting boards.
Weight without battery 378 grams. I will be using 1550 or 1800 mAh 4S batteries.
The servo connection to the camera is not the way I would like to do it. I like to mount the servo directly to the back of the camera. The Swift Mini is a little smaller and the pivot point is closer to the middle than the HS1177s. So it had to go on the frame with a link. It works fine and I have more throw than on others Iíve built, with it able to go almost vertical up and steeply down.
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I got the XK X252 out for it's first flight this season,I gotta say this thing is a blast to fly! Brushless motor power,on board 5.8ghz fpv camera and the X7 transmitter is very nice as well.The XK X252 has multiple flight modes to choose from as well,from stabilized 6 axis gyro to full on 3D stunt flying!

I received this quadcopter from Banggood last year for review,it looks like they are out of stock at the moment here but If you can still get your hands on a XK X252 I recommend it

XK X252 Quadcopter First Flight This Season (4 min 39 sec)

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I was out bid on 3 other kits it look like by the same person but I found on by now at a great price about 10 min. after it was posted and only missing the the 2 prints sheets with Pat help that he posted I should be ready to start the build next week. Thanks for every bodies help.
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ready to fly . I gotta practice before the maiden.
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On ebay vintage radicator trx10 like new!
Original stock motor speed control and servo saver with upgrades
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Dont believe in half measures england we say " in for a penny , in for a pound
Seems to work
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Very interesting product, add other protocols to your transmitter which should include the flysky i6 !!!!!

This 2.4G Multi-protocol RF module integrate four RF chips (CC2500,NRF24L01,A7105,CYRF6936) into one single circuit board,it supports a variety of remote control protocols,such as Futaba S-FHSS, Walkera DEVO, Spektrum DSM2, Flysky, Frsky, WLToys, Hubsan, Hisky, Esky, Assan etc. You can control your craft flexibility with it,and you will get much excellent experience with you favorite transmitter.

This Multi-protocol Module supports industry standard PPM signal,it works with most transmitters with a trainer (or DSC ) port. There is a 500mAh battery sealed in the module,no more wiring except a PPM signal cable.

Brand Name: iRangeX
Item Name: R4X Pro
Version: For Flysky, For JR, For Futaba (optional)
Built-in battery: 500mAh, 3.7V Li-Po battery
Operating Current: <=100mA
Operating Time: 5-12 hours,depends on protocol
Operating Frequency: 2.4G ISM band
RF Power: +22dBm
Material of Case: Aluminum alloy CNC
Size: 59x37x21mm, antenna not include
Weight: 68g

Flysky Version supports Flysky i6.i6x,i6s transmitter.
Integrate four RF chips (CC2500,NRF24L01,A7105,CYRF6936) into one single circuit board.
Bulit-...Continue Reading
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The Gopro made another trip to the city, yielding another haul of side firing remote cam videos. The mane interest was capturing the mane in an epic mile before it was cut off. The side firing cam definitely gives better results than the rear firing cam.

Lion hits a 6m55s mile (7 min 42 sec)

Lion cools down (3 min 41 sec)
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After 12 desperate years, we finally have a cheap, miniature way to bridge a USB host to Wifi & bluetooth. All those gadgets which only provide a USB device controller for I/O can now be wireless.
Unlike the previous pi's, it really can function in the given form factor instead of requiring a bag full of peripherals. They finally fixed the problem of having to desolder 40 pins to access the GPIO header or having to desolder a bunch of headers to gain access to the USB & power signals. Wires can be soldered directly to large test pads on the back.

The heart of the beast is the BCM4343X, now sold as the CYW4343X. It's a bare die & a sign of how all chips are going to be packaged in the future. It provides all the wireless functions. The same chip is used on the raspberry PI 3B.

The bluetooth side of the BCM4343X is accessed by a UART. The kernel uses hciattach to attach the UART to the networking stack. Then, bluetoothd converts the socket interface into a d-bus interface. The python examples use the d-bus interface.

Current consumption is <300mA at 5V. Clockspeed is 700Mhz to 1Ghz. The kernel can be cross compiled, but all other C programs have to be compiled on the pi to satisfy dependencies. The mane program which needs to be compiled is bluetoothd. This takes 30 minutes & an 8GB flash card.

You must install the full raspian distribution, not the lite version to do anything useful. The 1st partition is a vfat boot partition. The 2nd...Continue Reading
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Been building a flying wing ... And I didn't think I had a battery for it ..
Well I dug out a 2s 600mAh battery and thought - why not ? ( Was put away a long time ago )

So after some testing ( servos n stuff ) / setting up ..
I put it on the charger , plugging in the balance wire and pushing the go button the charger kicked up an error ..
Hmmmm .. So no balance charging ...

See the included picture and see if you can't spot a possible problems , besides the lose wires ... ( Clue )

Looking at the balance lead , the black and white wires look to be in the wrong place !
When I removed the wrapper , the wires just popped out lose ( ? whats with that )
So obviously there was a reason I had put this battery away !

I re soldered the wires ... ( for plug location rather than color )
I used one of my small battery monitors / alarms to check if all was good and it was ...

Should balance charge now .. Also allow me to run a battery monitor alarm

Lesson for the day , should most likely have unwrapped this battery when first encountered a problem ..
If there was a lose wire in there ???? Stuff could happen ...
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Review of the WLTOYS Q383-A hexacopter with 5.8ghz FPV and 720p@30fps video that is completely jello free!!

WLTOYS Q383-A "Invaders 7" Hexacopter with 5.8ghz FPV Review (20 min 8 sec)