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Check out my latest build. I'm working hard at trying to grow a channel dedicated to the drone racing community. Hope you guys like the new video, and as always please hit the like and subscribe.
P.S. If there's any vendors out there who would like to have me review a 6s lipo in my test flight video... let me know. Thanks, Jeff.
How to build a 6s racing done "Merica" (23 min 16 sec)

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Batteries up, props down!

Finally got a GoPro Hero5 Session and have been playing with the iPhone apps lately. Just need to make some longer clips now. I've mainly been posting clips on my instagram www.instagram.com/archervr1
Here's a short 1 min clip I just posted on my YouTube, you can also see I'm flying a lot better than I was 7-8 months ago. Still using the 210 budget quad but in the process of building a floss 2 and a new freestyle rig using premium parts. Pics and vids to come on that one.

FPV Freestyle... on a budget (1 min 0 sec)

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Yep Les Amis,
Selfie or not Selfie ... Voici un nouvel engin spécial selfie qui avait l'air prometteur sur le papier, le SG700, un appareil qui propose pas mal d'options sympas. Le positionnement optique fonctionne plutôt pas mal, pratique pour les prises de vue et selfie. Le maintien d'altitude par contre, est un peu aléatoire avec une légère brise alors qu'en indoor pas de soucis. La résolution d'image Photo/Vidéo reste moyenne malgré les 2M de pixels. Gros soucis par contre sur la reprise de stabilité après des accrobaties .En bref petit drone sympatique pour se faire la main grace à son assistance mais il ne faut pas trop lui en demander.

SG700 Selfie et positionnement optique Review Test Démo / De belles promesses ! (22 min 39 sec)

NOTATAZ : 14/20 Rapport qualité prix moyen !

Les + : Nombreuses Options de vols, Appli assez réussie, facile à piloter avec la radio, Positionnement Optique correct.
Les - : Perte de contrôle lors des Flips auto, résolution caméra moyenne et maintien d'altitude pas régulié.

Les produits présentés sont visibles ici (en cliquant sur ces liens vous soutenez ma chaîne) Merci à vous :
- SG700 (Ebay FR) : https://goo.gl/QoL1Ww
- SG700 (Ebay US) : https://goo.gl/47zYYV

Mon matériel :
- Caméra GIT2P (casquette) : https://goo.gl/auJNu2
- Camescope Endoer (Macro et Photos) : https://goo.gl/PA6WQX
- Caméra FIREFLY 8S : https://goo.gl/4TVS24
- Caméra DBPOWER 4K (écran tactile) : https://goo.gl/iqRRrv
- Micro...Continue Reading
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Dear hobbyist,

we are factory manufacture of the connectors and cables of the drones,right now we want to develop a new type connectors,we want to collect your suggestions. please speak out your mind.
Like Do you have any problems during the use of the XT60 or Deans connectors? and for the new connector, What performance do you want to improve most? we really need your guys help. looking forward to seeing your comments,thanks
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My model boat room I think it’s a bit full haha
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If the price is based on 100 passengers, with only 40 staterooms, they're planning on people traveling in family units with some of those families having kids young enough to sleep in the same room. The actual price per room is $500,000.

This is might have been Elon's parent's organisation, but it's definitely not the mane social organisation today. Lions still insist the mane customer will be confirmed bachelors looking for the ultimate retirement home.

Most families today from baby boomers to generation X to millenials still have a single male breadwinner earning most of the money & a "partner" earning pinch money.

What's advertised as $200,000 per person is really $500,000 a man has to produce for a room, whether traveling alone or with 2 family members. There might be a way to split it with a room mate, but that still hits $250,000. Suspect that's the mane way most of us will go, but since we wouldn't have to sleep at the same time, there wouldn't a real need for each person to have an entire room.
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I've got a bugs 3 I just put a New receive on an I can't quite get it right. EverytI me I think it's saldered right it losses power. Is there a way I can pin-point the problem with a tester are some other way to know where the problem is
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Hi guys just buy a new RC boat collection now up to 31 boats
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When it comes to rc drones then which better brand you can think of rather than Hubsan. The brand churns out quadcopters that are stylish, unique and powerful. They have made their expression by releasing one after another famous rc drones in the market. Today we have a Flash Sale of Limited 100pc of Hubsan X4 H501S only $189.99 + shipped from US Warehouse

Brand name: Hubsan
Model name: H501S
Item type: Quadcopter
Material: ABS
Colour: white/black optional
Control channel: 4 channels
Controller mode: Mode 1 / Mode 2
Remote control frequency: 2.4GHz
LCD: 4.3 Inch
Gyroscope: Six axis
Motor: brushless motor
Camera: 1080P HD
FPV transmission: 5.8G real-time
Function: automatic return, follow me, CF mode, altitude mode, up, down, left, right, forward, backward, hovering
Suitable ages: Above 14 Years old
Remote distance: about 300m
Battery for quadcopter: 7.4V 2700mAh 10C li-po
Charging time: about 120 minutes
Charge plug: UK, EU and US optional
Working time: 20 minutes
Battery of remote controller: 4 * AA battery (not included)
Quadcopter battery dimensions: 110 * 35 * 17mm
Item dimensions: 350 * 350 * 80mm
Item weight: 455g
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Hi All

These plans are now available for download.

Download : http://www.rcfbaircraft.com/post-ww2

Vincent Unrau
All plans are free
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I have a flying Wing (precisely the Ft Arrow)
with Vector and EzUHF module on my Taranis(I dont use audio)
Also I have the iTelemtry Dongle and the FatSharks HD3 googles ,so my question is: If the iTelemetry Dongle is compatible with Vector should I convert the audio format in some special form in order to make it compatible with the iTelemetry Dongle or should I leave it in that format?
I dont pretend someone to have the answer but if you can help me , I would thank you so much!
Also I would like to ask a couple questions to somebody with experience (I know that most people will think that Im a stupid person that dont knows how to do his own investigation but I already did and there is no info about it)

Greetings from Argentina.
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High quality charging leads to charge LiPo batteries with TRX Traxxas connectors. Mojo sells the best leads!

*Soft silicone 12 AWG wire leads fpr high amp charging!
*Long 12 inch overall length
*TRX male battery input plug
*4mm bullet style input connectors fits all popular battery chargers!
*4mm ends have durable/flexible molded rubber sheathing

A great deal at only $4.49 each! Fast shipping from Detroit MI USA only $2.90!

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High performance low cost 7.4v 2 cell LiPo battery pack. Great punch and performance with 35C continuous and 70C burst rate capability.. Works great in Dromida 4.18 1/18th scale and Losi Mini 8ight, and other smaller scale RC cars! Ask for a free Dromida RS4 to Deans adapter! Fits Dromida BX4.18, MT4.18, DT4.18, DB4.18, SC4.18 cars. Upgrades Dromida battery DIDC1134


True NANO Conductive Technology
14 AWG soft silicone wire leads
Popular Deans type T plug connector standard
Standard JST balance leads
Perfect choice for small scale RC cars and trucks!

Size: 17 x 34 x 89 mm 0.7" x 1.35" x 3.5"

Weight: 3.6 oz. 102 grams

Discharge rating 35C Burst rate 70C
Max Charge Rate 5C
90 day limited warranty
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Wow, so much new stuff came in and we have a ton of other new items on the way!

Fatshark announced the new HDO goggle which has been in the works for some time now. With much speculation about what type of upgrade the HD lineup would see, the news of the new oled optics should make for a very nice image with the new goggles.
TBS has finally released an MMCX version of the Unify Race Vtx and depending on popularity and demand I'm sure they will eventually follow suit with there other popular vtx lineup.
Foxeer Monster Micro and Arrow Pro Micro cams have arrived along with the Lollipop antennas. Camera tech sure has come a long way and now we're seeing high tvl fpv cams with beautiful image quality without sacrificing too much latency. The predator was a sign of things to come and Foxeer didn't let us down with the newest camera options. The lollipop antenna has sparked alot of debate about design origins but the performance is hard to deny. Whether or not True Rc patent pending on the ax-ii will hold up or not, only time will tell but the market is happy to see an affordably priced antenna with amazing performance. Personally I still love my ax-ii antennas and will continue to be my go to but I'm definitely going to give these lollipops a try.
The hype of the X-lite radio from FrSky is about to be put to the test with its official release being announced last week and retail price finally being set this morning at $119usd. Dealers are expected to receive them in the...Continue Reading
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One way to save money when competition takes you on the road is to camp. Hotel expenses can add up quickly for every weekend away, but the investment in camping gear is a one time expense. I plan on going to more IMAC events away from home this year, and since I already had a lot of the camping gear I needed, I decided to try camping as a way to stay on budget.

I just had to install a hitch on my Chevy Volt, buy a rack and cargo bag, and find a simple way to prepare easy meals while on the road. One of the coolest (hottest?) gadgets I found was an MSR Pocket Rocket. This little one burner "stove" folds up into a small plastic container that fits into the palm of your hand, weighs only 2.2 ounces, and when attached to an Isobutane-propane tank, burns super hot. It can heat up water or a meal in just a few minutes.

I went up to Muncie, Indiana, this past weekend to attend the IMAC Judging School and do some flying at Site 4. I brought along the family tent with the idea that it could double as a hangar for my 87" Extra 300. That worked out even better than I hoped. I was able to set up my tent right next to the runway at Site 4. AMA only charges $5/day for primitive camping, and I had access to restrooms and a hot shower (very welcome on this trip, since temps got down into the thirties at night!), with water on site and outlets for charging my plane. The plane fit in the tent with wings on, leaving plenty of room for a full size air mattress, duffel bag and other odds and ends. All I had to do in the morning was roll the plane out, put a fresh set of batteries in, and take off. In the evening I was able to hang out by the fire with the other guys (staying in RVs) and enjoy some company I would have missed, if I had stayed in a hotel.

Camping is a lot of work, but it does have many advantages. I was pleasantly surprised how well my first adventure worked out, and look forward to many more trips this year.