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Posted by Captain Canardly | Aug 18, 2015 @ 01:24 PM | 21,806 Views
Let me rewind the 'history' a couple weeks, so an understanding of accumulative stresses can be accounted for a bad day.
As I got a dual print finished for a pal of mine, ( story here)

I mounted Blue and White filaments for a dual extrusion of the model. I then saw a notification for a 'real' printing job via a print site. and getting that underway, I had 2 fails, as I was at the bottom of the filament roll. The site owner told me I had to 'go into town' to replace the filament, as there wasn't anyone else to do the print. during the process, I had one of the worse drives ever, and I found both extruders were ( hopefully just clogged) goofed up. I cancelled my 9$ bill and got some sleep after being awake for 42 some hours. ( my wknd).

During the next week, I was trying to sort which bird would come along to a dual club event, and all exited that I finally got to renewing my AMA membership, started to look into the new 2.4 radio equipments I had attained. I also learned that a particular aircraft would be arriving about a day before the contest. Receiving the Airplane that had taken 19 program builds, 6 crashes and other hassles to get as far as I am, I went to work for my 'Monday' Waking up after 5 hrs of sleep, I tried to sort out the RX equipment in as quick a period of time as my schedule would allow-I had 5 hrs, of which one hr was spent rereading instructions and realizing I was trying to bind the...Continue Reading