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Posted by nigelsheffield | Jul 31, 2017 @ 07:28 AM | 5,268 Views
Acro Flying the silverised boldclash bwhoop b03 pro and the 3.5g akk bs2 camera indoors as it's too windy / rainy for brushless outdoors fun..
The whoop style quad is much easier to fly indoors than the h101/x9 frame and the b03 has more power than the normal whoops so makes for great fun!
Acro silverised Whooping around the house with boldclash b03 pro and akk s2 (1 min 34 sec)

Buy the bs2 camera from here
Posted by nigelsheffield | Jul 19, 2017 @ 12:55 PM | 25,257 Views
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Boldclash bwhoop B03 pro Los flight indoors (0 min 50 sec)

I already have a couple of bwhoop b03 which are great, I have one in stock format which my daughter fly's and another which I silverised for acro flying.
This is the pro version which is actually cheaper ($17 at time I purchased it )and does not have altitude hold like the normal b03 version, this makes it more like the traditional whoop in flight characteristics and a lot more fun in my opinion, though the altitude hold was good for my daughter to learn because it makes it easier to start flying.

The other main difference is the frame itself which seems like it will be more flexible in a crash and so less likely the break.
In my opinion the colour is nicer too being grey / black rather than orange / white.
Bought here for $17
Very easy to get going with this out of the box it fly's really well, just charge it up via a usb socket and start flying.
It's very stable and VERY fast and responsive in highest rate ( tx has three rates which are nicely ranges from slow to medium and high ) probably due to the BIG motors that are used in these b03 quads, they don't get hot and I expect that they will last a long time unlike the smaller motors used in most quads of this size.
Using stock tx flips are possible in the usual way ie pressing a button at the front and then pushing the right stick in the direction required, they are very fast and tight and lose no...Continue Reading
Posted by nigelsheffield | Jul 09, 2017 @ 11:34 AM | 12,555 Views
The boldclash f08 aio fpv camera with DVR just arrived and I put it on my h101 x9 silverised acro quad to try it out.
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It weighs 5.44 grams and sends video via 25mw fpv as usual PLUS is records onto an SD card in the camera so recorded picture does not break up when signal gets weak.
Flying in the park with boldclash f08 aio DVR fpv camera , the live picture is much nicer than this shows, YouTube and recording is not doing it justice but you get the works!
Boldclash f08 flight test aio fpv camera with DVR 5.44g through the tree (1 min 56 sec)

Boldclash f08 flight test aio fpv camera with DVR 5.44g Carr lodge park uk (2 min 52 sec)
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Posted by nigelsheffield | Jul 03, 2017 @ 07:51 AM | 6,855 Views
I bought more akk cameras because I was so impressed with the s2 and bs2 which I've been using on my micro quads.

I wanted some higher power ones for my planes which I haven't yet flown fpv ..

I got the A3 , the ba3 both are 25mw 50mw and 200mw switchable and the ba2 which is fixed at 200mw.
Weights are 4.3g for the ba3 and ba2 ( both dipole antenna ) and 5.1g for the A3 ( cp antenna )
Quality of build is excellent as I expected.
Picture is good, sharp and vibrant colours and range so far tested in 25mw seems great with no break up tested in usual bad spots around the house.
So in 200mw setting I expect range to be much further than I will ever need.
In the 200mw setting the cameras do get a little hot but that's to be expected and they don't get as hot as the eachine tx03 ....

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