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Posted by SGTalon | Sep 02, 2008 @ 10:11 PM | 56,631 Views
Today i spent some time collecting all of my plans and posting them in the Free Plans Sticky in the Scratchbuilt forum.

I included all the pictures and links for all my designs, the finished ones and the ones still in development.

It is really cool to have so many people interested in my designs and wanting to build them. So i thought i would make them a little more accessible.

I got the maiden in for the Imperial Star Destroyer and made a video. It is a decent flyer. I still need to tweak the CG a bit. I think once i have it nailed down that it will be a great flier!

Next up is the Defiant. I can't wait to get this one up. It looks like it will be a great aerobat and a lot of fun to fly.

On a funny side note. My wife and daughter went to a parade over Labor Day and there were a couple of Storm Troopers escorting the Peach Festival Queen. On their way out my Daughter got to get her picture with them holding their Blaster!!

RC Imperial Star Destroyer Maiden (3 min 25 sec)