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Posted by Pappyjkns | Aug 11, 2016 @ 05:11 PM | 5,704 Views
Aug. 11/16:

I am the proud “owner” of eight grandchildren, ranging in age from 4 to 22 years. One 13 yr old in particular has become involved with R/C cars and helicopters. Last Christmas, he was given a 3 channel Sky Hawk helicopter which has been a blast to fly and he has impressed me with his quick learning skills. This helicopter was one of those $100 introductory beginner types, but non-the-less, it has been fun for me to try something other than r/c planes. Last night he tried some low level hovering just to see how it looks at night. Wow! Were we amazed at the lighting on this helicopter! A white central search light, with two red clearance lights and a series of red, white & blue lights ran back and forth across the tail boom! Very impressive! Who knew!! : )

In July, I took him to the LHS to pick up his first R/C truck. We had been there a number of times bugging the sales people, trying to figure out what would provide the best bang for the beginner buck. We finally settled on a Traxass Slash, a two wheel drive truck with a Ford Rampage body. It uses a brushed motor with a 3,000 MaH NiMH battery. OMG! What a blast! This thing attains speeds of 30 mph and is tough as nails. I happened to have two extra 3,300 NiMH batteries & a good quality charger, so he was in good shape. Fast forward to the present, this 1/10 scale truck has been put through the ringer and just won’t quit! I have to say, I am totally impressed with the quality of this vehicle....Continue Reading
Posted by Pappyjkns | Aug 05, 2016 @ 05:18 PM | 5,539 Views
Aug 5/16:

A couple of days ago, I received an email from one of our club members who had just picked up one of Horizon’s new Radian XL r/c gliders. She noted she was heading to our SOGGI flying field located about 8 miles south of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, on Wednesday morning to try out her new plane.

I arrived around 9:30 am, called the Hamilton Airport Tower to activate NOTAM #160160. Ann arrived soon after and began bringing the plane out to the pit area. I was impressed with the size of this latest version of the Radian! 102” wing span, auw in the +/- 5 lb. range. I guess I’m used to the cramped quarters of most dlg fuselages, but the Radian’s is soooo spacious, you could pack your lunch in there! : )

My first impression, this is a large sailplane! The owner had the plane assembled and ready to fly within 40 mins of her arrival which I thought was pretty decent for her first flight!

After completing her pre-flight checks, she began with a gentle toss across the sod field. It loafed along without a hint of unbalance!

Next she had another member launch the beast while she applied 1/2 throttle. It took to the skies with ease and around the 200 ft mark, she killed the motor and circled the field before bringing it down nice and easy.

At this point she had to take a break to steady her nerves but was non-the less ecstatic with the performance of the plane. After the break she was hard at it with another launch and this time applied full throttle....Continue Reading
Posted by Pappyjkns | Aug 01, 2016 @ 10:17 AM | 5,353 Views
Aug 1/16:

It’s been a while since my last blog basically due to the fact that:
I am in a holding pattern, waiting for 2 - 10 mm OD replacement carbon fibre booms to work their way across the pond from Once received, I still have to source out some new cf tail feathers & fit everything to my HK Cumulus 1.5 DLG.
July has been one of the hottest and driest months on record with temps reaching 39 C with the humidity factored in. It’s one thing to stand & fly an electric sailplane around the skies and totally another thing when you are flinging & chasing a DLG’s in that kind of temperature!
Everything else I own is presently not flyable. I like to build in the winter and fly/repair the rest of the year.

I am pleased to report that yesterday, something special happened to me! A few weeks ago, I was lamenting to a fellow member of our glider club that I have nothing to fly and to my astonishment, I was given not one but two, older Dynaflyte 55” WS, Skeeter sailplanes! One is set up for bungee launching while the other has been electrified with a small motor and 2S LiPo. I mean who does that? Just handed them over to me because they were taking space up in their basement! I was gobsmacked to say the least. I have seen this before with other members of our club, most of them have a lot of planes in various states of finish and they would rather hand them over to someone that will finish them and fly them rather than have them...Continue Reading