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Posted by Pappyjkns | Mar 30, 2016 @ 12:35 PM | 4,146 Views
I've been away for the past month, traipsing around Europe and just itching to get back so I can throw my DL50 into the air again. Since my return, the weather has been rather unstable with one system after another hitting Southern Ontario with high winds and rain. I woke up this morning to sunshine and no wind, a high of 12C! A hint of Spring in the air! Lookin' good! Unfortunately, I had a 10 am appointment. By the time I arrived at the covered reservoir site, the wind had really picked up to 20-25 kms coming in from the SSW. I'm thinking damn.....that's a little strong for a 9 oz. DLG! Never the less, I saw opportunities for slope lift as well as thermos. I installed the battery, checked the responses on the controls and walked to the top of the slope. It was soooo windy, I didn't have to spin launch, just hand throw it off the edge.

That was wild! A gust grabbed the little bird and before I knew, it was all the way across the field! The next flight, I managed to stay out over the ridge and basically kept it pointed into the wind as it slid sideways along the ridge! That was waaaay to much fun. On the next flight, it got thrown back over onto the field and I managed to bring it down almost stationary just back of the edge of the slope. Thats when the fun stopped! A huge gust of wind caught the front of DL50 and sent it cartwheeling upside down across the field. When I finally got to it, I noticed right away something was amiss.....the wings and tail feathers...Continue Reading