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Posted by FPV.Model | Jun 27, 2017 @ 10:08 AM | 6,169 Views

Mid-Year Sale at www.fpvmodel.com!
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FPV Racing Outside Office for Fun - X-Racer X-1 (1 min 30 sec)

Something new from FPVModel.
EZlap timing system: https://www.fpvmodel.com/ezlap-timing-system_g1308.html

The EZlap timing system is a race management system that specially designed for both indoor and outdoor small scale drone racing. It allows 4 pilots to race at once.

The EZlap timing system comes with a master controller, 3 infrared receiver modules, 8 transmitters. The system is powered by a PC or laptop via a USB cable connecting to the USB port of master controller. It is easy to install, simply mount the master controller and receiver modules in the racing gate, install the transmitters in the racing drones, then install the free RCM Beginner software (can be downloaded at the bottom of this page) in your computer and connect with the provided USB cable, you and your friends will be able to start the racing just in a minute.

The master controller sends the signals that received from the infrared receiver modules to the computer after processing.
The infrared transmitter is 0.4g only, it will not increase any weight to the racing drone since it is so light in weight. It has 8 different address codes which are switchable via the 3-digit DIP switch. Start to send the address codes after powering on via USB.
The infrared receiver modules receive the address codes from the transmitters and send them to master controller.

Connection and Use
  • The master controller is powered by the USB
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Posted by FPV.Model | Jun 10, 2017 @ 08:37 AM | 9,059 Views
Lets Talk BLHeli 32 / D_Shot 1200 (14 min 1 sec)

Project Blue Falcon has made a tutorial video on the BLHeli_32. In this video, he also talked about how to get Dshot1200 running in Betaflight which maybe helpful to the new users of BLHeli_32 users.

Source: http://www.blheli32.com/video-lets-t...-32-dshot1200/
Posted by FPV.Model | Jun 06, 2017 @ 07:50 AM | 6,871 Views
ES120 Motion Scewdriver (0 min 17 sec)

Like this electric screwdriver very much.