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Posted by Pat Lynch | May 17, 2010 @ 10:28 PM | 16,109 Views
I'm sure all modellers have a long list of projects that may or may not see the light of day. Because I enjoy doing prototype building for Peter Rake, that adds to my list - the current F2b is a major effortbut a couple of smaller (MAYBE simpler) models are in the wings. A Yakovlev Air-1 early Russian biplane - sort of DH Moth look-alike, plus a rather appealing (to me anyway) WW1 Italian Ansaldo A1. This little fighter has all the elemnts that appeal - varnished woodwork, polished aluminium, complicated shapes and linkages PLUS in one example anyway - an outlandish Italian colour scheme. Watch this space

But apart from these 'priority' projects, my wish list includes:
Fairey Flycatcher - 27" to accompany my Avro Bison
Ivan Pettigrew DH 89 airliner in Kiwi NAC colours
Large Westland Lysander from Frank Mizer plans

and then in the real 'blue skies' department:
A largish model of the Focke-Wulf Kondor - FW200 - I love it
Italian SM79 torpedo bomber - one of my long term favourites..

Add to that a revisit of the Henschel HS129 in about 60" size and I think I dont have enough days in the year to finish anything...........

Posted by Pat Lynch | May 17, 2010 @ 10:15 PM | 16,206 Views
Not quite halfway though the year and here I am entering more stuff!
The Brisfit is close to finished - it is certainly flyable but as is my policy, it should be completely finished, thoroughly documented and photographed BEFORE flying. A single mishap on a maiden flight could render the whole job worthless from the designer's point of view - Peter might never speak to me again if there were no finished pictures
Th only details remaining are around the cockpits - some detail is needed as these areas are big and highly visible - a Lewis gun, instrument panels, windscreens etc plus a pilot and gunner - all in 1/7 scale so nothing ready made will do!

I had a call for help from Peter Rake asking if I'd make a glass-fibre spinner for another prototype builder and that took a week or so of time - I hope it works Sperry The Carl Goldberg Ultimate now only needs a fuselage and no progress on the SPAD. With all this stuff unfinished there was only one course of action - buy a 60" Hurricae kit from Charlie at Manzano Laser - just as a diversion from other pressing issues. This is a fun build and I'll treat it as such - although I do have several other 'fun build' gathering dust on the shelf - a Bleriot XI, an Avro Avian conversion, a F/F Walrus, and a SPAD. Ah well, variety is the spice of life and at the current rate of model disposal (and atrition) I'll need some extras!
Posted by Pat Lynch | May 17, 2010 @ 09:51 PM | 16,180 Views
I took the little Powell racer on a two week holiday around the state of Victoria in Oz and flew her on many occaisions. A month or so ago she was moved on along with my Rake DII (now decorating the high ceiling of an Aviation administrator along with several other Rake models).
The big SE5a had a fatal mishap - the battery (a 5000mA 4S LIPO) came loose and separated itself leaving the model to spiral to an untimely death! Sad, as it was my favourite at that point.

Most effort for a few months has been on the Bristol F2b. This is a large model at 67" and I had always decided to make it the best model I'd built yet. Not necessarily the most scale as it is basically still a 'sport scale' design of Peter's but at 1/7 scale there was no excuse not to include metalwork, lacing, proper rigging etc. Many version of the wartime colour scheme have been built so I chose to model a replica flying in the New Zealand air display circuit which itself was based on a late WW1 British unit. I rather liked the all-silver finish and I'd plenty of photos and videos to use as a reference. This model is also the longest build I've ever done and is probably making its designer anxious that I may not finish it!
Build log:
It is also one of the most enjoyable builds I've done.
Posted by Pat Lynch | May 17, 2010 @ 09:33 PM | 15,518 Views
Well the first part of 2010 showed the slowest model-building pace of my short 'career'! Several health issues conspired to decrease my mobility, give me a big fright (still is) and other nasties. While none of these has stopped me modelling, I have had to slow down a bit and so most effort has gone into only two models - the BUSA 1/4 scale SPAD and Peter Rakes's 1/7 scale Bristol F2b 'Brisfit'. The SPAD is now structurally complete and has all its propulsion system installed and working - 8S 5000 LIPO, 100A ESC etc. This should be able to give 2000+ watts - 100W/lb but I'm hoping it will not be needed.

I took some time out to finish my Rake 1/6 SE5a - using an Eflite Power 25 on 4S it was a beauty She flies magnificently at 4 1/2 lb - great for simple aerobatics and very realistic in flight. Nice design. I had originally intended to make this a highly detailed machine in the manner of my earlier 36" version but decided to stick by the plans and get it flying. But she still looked the part.
Finishing this model seemed a good idea to get me used to flying heavier models - this is my heaviest yet and a precurser to the Brisfit on board now.

At some stage I remembered having agreed to build a Coldberg kit of the Ultimate biplane for the son of a relative of a neighbor - for a small cash return of course. Since the kit had been kicking around for some time, I am assured it isn't a rush job. Good
Posted by Pat Lynch | May 17, 2010 @ 05:45 PM | 15,191 Views
The last months of 2009 were spent getting the big SPAD started and building Peter Rakes's delightful little BE12a. When Peter asked about another design I'd like - I suggested the Be12a as it appealed to me with its fragility and spidery nature! The model was a delight to build with very few problems although not, perhaps, a beginners model. It flew perfectly of course and in fairly still air, is a slow, stately performer. I love it
The build log is:
The start on the big SPAD needed a major reshuffle of my little workshop so I could fit around the model! It will certainly be a challenge (for me anyway). The BUSA kit is very comprehensive and my plan is to build it 'out of the box'. Unusual for me but 1/4 scale 20lb models are outside my experience.....

More soon.