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Posted by SoloProFan | Aug 03, 2012 @ 04:11 PM | 125,416 Views
Hi all!

Since this blog is still empty, I decided to change this. A little background information about the guy you know as SoloProFan might seem convenient, right?

First, some may know me as simply "SoloPro" which is the name I registered with on RCG, by many abbreviated as simply "SP". But as my stay here was longer than I first anticipated (I registered in the first place just to get some info about how to fix and fly the new Solo Pro V heli I had bought during year) things started to become a little confusing. When someone typed a message, talking about SoloPro, one moment he could be talking about the heli, and have accidentally left out the space between the words Solo, and Pro, but it could also be about me. So I found having a name that was the same as a popular type of heli, could be confusing, hence the name change with the "Fan" bit added. No more mixing up things, and there is also a little pun intended, as a heli's blades do resemble a fan.

I've been interested in RC since my youth, an older nephew had an RC sailing boat, the "Saudade", and I always watched it with attention as we visited the place where my aunt and he lived. In my early teens I got my first RC boat, the "Dolly" from Robbe, and with some ups and downs, turned it into a working RC fireboat, with functional watergun. I bought more boats, and also a 1:10 RC car, to get my "RC-fix" when not able to sail a boat, as we didn't live...Continue Reading