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Posted by flyinjrc74 | Aug 09, 2010 @ 04:23 AM | 9,078 Views
I am a little on edge but well rested after receiving 17 violation points from Jim T Graham about 5 days ago.

I got involved in the TARGET HOBBIES thread involving the counterfeit Spektrum 6100e RX's being sold by them. Many RCGer's have had planes go down and some of the fake receivers do not work at all but yet the thread starter and others rave about them even knowing they are fakes!

I never used profane language in any post and only expressed how I felt buying them was wrong. I understand they are cheap and some hobbyist's may not have a endless supply of money but C'mon, FAKES are FAKES no matter how cheap they are??? This plague of fake 6100e's will end up in the hands of unsuspecting DSM2 users and I just want to educate the one's that do not know of these being sold here and everywhere!

HobbyKing is now selling a DSM2 compatible 2.4G receiver that is nameless. It is a plain black receiver. I have NO problem with that! It is not being sold under SPEKTRUM's brand name and even though it may not be of SPEKTRUM quality, it is NOT COUNTERFEIT! I bought one of HobbyKing's DSM2 compatible RX's to test it but I will never buy a counterfeit spektrum 6100e from TARGET HOBBIES nor will I buy from them period. The four legit ones I own that were all bought and came in a SPEKTRUM wrapper are worth their weight in gold!

As far as RULES go here, I guess RCG allows the advertising and selling of counterfeit goods! Target Hobby is a endorsed vendor and that is OK by RCG standards but posting the morality of it by me is not???

Oh well, the vacation is over and back to legitimate business for me!