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Posted by xatled99 | Oct 09, 2007 @ 12:58 PM | 2,751 Views
Finally got the RF module for my 9C last week, so I took the Formosa for a spin yesterday after a couple months of not flying. It was a bit breezy at Gude, but I'd flown in more wind before, so I throttled up and took to the air. 30% expo was too much, so I flipped back to linear. Almost got it trimmed out, but I failed to stay three mistakes high; managed to fly straight into the ground from about 20' up. Miraculously, there was only minor damage to the firewall area. I suspect the motor/cowl absorbed most of the impact. The motor/prop/cowl are goners. The nose is a bit wrinkled, but the econokote prevented it from turning into popcorn. I may epoxy on a plywood firewall just to reinforce the nose a bit.

I'll take this opportunity to move from a 2408-21 + GWS 7x6 slow flyer to a 2409-18 + APC 10x5.