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Posted by Straight Up | Feb 18, 2013 @ 10:50 AM | 15,341 Views
While flipping through a hobby mag I saw an advert for the Sig Rascal 72EG, and fell in love with it. However, at $310 plus scary shipping to Australia it was a no go. Luckily I found a similar plane in the Aviator Pro .60 ARF from Value Hobby, and fell for it too. Sadly Value Hobby won't ship outside the Lower 48 (despite a colossal population outside that boundary!). I arranged for a US shipping agent and managed to acquire the Aviator Pro 60. Cost me $160 to ship it to Australia, so you can imagine how much I wanted this plane (still cheaper than a Rascal 72EG).

Very impressed with the build quality. I was absolutely amazed to find the wing bolts all pre-fitted and lined up perfectly! I didn't need to measure, drill or fit the blind nuts - nice! The wing fitted so well I simply bolted it into place. I never glued my wings together. I switched out the front nylon wing pegs for carbon fiber, not because of any concerns about strength, but because my pegs were a bit short. Other than that, the build was stock-standard, although I mounted my tail servos right down the back end - see below.

Achieving correct CG with a big battery up front
Many complained about having CG trouble when mounting the battery in the nose causing an overly forward CG, but I didn't have this issue. I fitted servos in the tail - one per surface. That is, one servo for each elevator and also a rudder servo. I used digital micro servos, and the three are still considerably lighter...Continue Reading