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Posted by Straight Up | Mar 09, 2011 @ 06:35 AM | 11,574 Views
Alas the Canadian experience came to an end last June. It was awesome - from the surreal experience of genuine snow, to the vivid summer green, to the amazing Fall colours. An experience to be savoured. Now it's back to 100'F, olive coloured leaves and yellow grass. However, the sky is nearly always blue and we fly all year... but I flew year-round in Canada too!

First New Plane – Hobby King Sniper Pushy Cat EP
I ordered a Sniper Pushy Cat EP from Hobby King to "tie me over" while I waited for my gear to be shipped from Toronto. What a beauty! I built it initially as a belly-lander, with the intent of fitting retracts later. I fitted a 400W Hobby King motor and 2200mAh 3S Lipo for serious motivation. The first launch was a complete disaster - not enough airspeed, so it tip-stalled in and rekitted itself!

Luckily I only busted one of the tail booms. I don't know how I got so lucky. The ground is HARD here! I glued it back together and had my buddy and ace-flyer Kristian launch for me on the next attempt. He was a bit freaked by the prop, and everyone gasped as it tip-stalled again... but this time Kristian's firmer throw and my thumbs starting on the sticks meant I caught it. It flew very well after the initial launch, and trimmed easily into wide, fast circuits. After a smooth belly landing Kristian commented “nice plane, but it needs wheels!”

After this “proof of airframe” flight, I stripped it down and fitted Hobby King pneumatic...Continue Reading