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I have had this printer for around 12 months now and I am still on my first ( 1kg ) roll of PLA . Thats right , still havent used up my first roll of PLA . I guess thats what happens when you print knickknacks !


PLA once exposed to air starts to degrade , so old PLA is not so great .
Mine still prints just fine , butt !!!! it has gotten really brittle and will snap when bent too tight . Like where it enters the feed for the printer . For a long time I had the solution in my head and since recently I have started printing again .

I think the solution is a feeder wheel , this wheel will stop the PLA from making to tight a bend and snapping . Also the wheel will support the PLA and more evenly distribute load over a larger area , there for hopefully being the solution to my aging roll of PLA . ( Snapping )
It's a serious PITA to start a print and have your PLA snap in half and I am getting a little sick and tired of baby sitting the printer , pulling PLA of the reel to stop it from pulling tight .

A) Wheel is printed as one half and glued together with a internal sleeve that is pressed inside the two halves ( great glue surface and improves strength )
B) Then I had to print a mounting arm
C) To the arm is mounted a spacer / bracket that the wheel mounts to
D) then on the open side I printed a press fit locking collar ( also glued )

There should be very little load on the wheel , it's just there to stop the PLA from bending too tight .
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XK A430 is sorted (5 min 47 sec)

This plane is the little drama queen ! ( Bad drama )

Anyways : Took it out this morning just in time for some wind , but the A430 handled it rather well .

Recommendations :
A) If you have an itch for the A430 , I would suggest a multi protocol Module or transmitter .
B) All control links should be moved to the outer most hole on the control horn .
C) At least 50% Expo to start with
D) THe Ailerons on mine were super sensitive and I have 35% rates and 85% expo for 3D mode

Flight trimming :

A lot of people seem to have issue with trimming these , and I would highly recommend the 60's method of adjusting the control rod length via the clevis . If your model hunts the ground , give some up elevator by giving the clevis a few twists in the correct direction . Tune the A430 VIA analogue and be rewarded for your effort .

Once sorted :

6G mode , is so easy . For such a small model - and it is small ! It flies really well and has very good power .
3D mode , for me my A430 was so twitchy as to be almost impossible to fly . The ailerons were so sensitive ... Now that the ailerons have been de fanged ( 35% rates / 85% expo / control rod at outermost hole ) , I can actually fly the A430 in a much more relaxed way . Today , a A430 was actually more fun than challenging , even with the wind .

The A430 has been a learning experience for sure . ( Heck , I even broke it's neck )

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UMX TT with the gemfan 5030 (6 min 27 sec)

What is there to say ?

A) Gemfan costs less ( Here in Oz , one UMX TT prop = 40 Gemfan 5030 props )
B) The Gemfan 5030 draws less current
C) The Gemfan 5030 produces more thrust

If anyone watches the video , the TT is hanging off the Gemfan real nice , not super nice . But better than the 3 blade . The 3 blade TT prop simply does not compare in the vertical .

Oh well , tweaked the antenna tail some and it was better , butt ...... not good enough . Came home , cut a bit off and did something different ( Next time ) . That Gemfan 5030 is staying in the nose , hmmm ......

The TT really needs a spinner Do I want more weight in the nose ? , or do I try carving some foam and just spray painting it ?

It works as is , and now I have more mojo ! It's nice having more vertical mojo ..

Hmm , I just thought of a way to spinner the UMX TT !!!!!
Something else to explore !
Posted by old4570 | Feb 22, 2021 @ 10:56 PM | 3,265 Views
Picture included ..

The first thing I designed was the 18 blade fan , currently printing Revision 9 ( Revision 8 pictured )

Problem - Hitting peak RPM that the ESC will support .
Big problem for me was using a dodgy 1106 to start with ..
Now that I have a 1106 in use that works , some progress can be made ( one hopes ) .
Designing a fan has been a challenge ( it needs to work ) and I can see a Revision 10 fan in my near future !
The R8 fan was not bad but was bouncing off the peak RPM , and that was with the battery voltage down ( 2200 2s )
With a fully charged battery I can see the R9 bounce off the peak RPM . ( Probably why I will need to print out R10 )

EDF body ..
I printed the first out as light as I dare and that was bad ju ju . The intake is already warping due the the extremely thin walled print .
R2 is the same except for a rim @ the throat . This has stiffened the front of the EDF body quite a lot .
But I have already designed R3 .. to stiffen the EDF even more ( resist warping ) .

Designing a 30mm EDF is no one print wonder , that's for sure .
Still printing the R9 fan .

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I uploaded the prop adapter and prop washer to thingiverse and you would think I threw shark bait into the water

Apparently , seems like , people have been waiting for something like this

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Problems problems !
What was the problem ? Apparently the motor .

Today I decided to do a motor swap , and in went a 1106 6000kv motor ..
And we have two things , current draw and thrust .

Unfortunately we are hitting peak RPM before full throttle ... Also , where are my ESC program cards ??????????

Anyways , looks like I cant spin my 18 blade fan fast enough .. To perform well it would need to spin 30,000 +
I did design and print a 4 blade fan , but that also peaks out ( rpm ) .. Pulls nearly 3A but hits that peak hard .
I am going to need to design a new fan me thinks , something that wont hit peak RPM .

Maybe make that 4 blade into a 8 blade ? UPDATE

I did just that , I turned the 4 blade into a 8 blade . And now I can apply full throttle , but it is very close to peak RPM and every now and again the motor throws a fit of fury ( stops / locks up ) I think it's to do with the ESC timing . Where the heck did my program card go ?
Posted by old4570 | Feb 20, 2021 @ 11:13 PM | 3,817 Views
Noooo ! This is not about the antenna !
This is the prop thing ..

In the beginning There was a overpriced 3 bladed UMX propeller .

Then a order was put in for some 40 5030 Gemfan props for the price ( or less ) of one of those 3 bladed props .

The factory prop pulls around 6A+ depending on the battery .
The Gemfan 5030 pulls 5.5A or less . seems to rev much higher and might produce more thrust .

A) I needed to print (3D ) a prop hub spacer and a prop driver/washer
B) Then do a quick test run
C) and now wait for a decent morning for more test flying ..
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Wetstone Grinder result (11 min 4 sec)

Yeah , got me a new toy / tool !
It is a wet stone knife sharpening machine .
This is not a product review , but rather putting the cart before the horse . Or rather in this case the results before any review .
I have a collection of what I consider junk knives and pulling out a few I used them to practice and develop a technique to sharpen knives on the grinder .

I will say , you do need to develop a technique or skill to get the best from the machine .
I got my technique to the point I can get the knife off the machine shaving sharp without de burring / stropping the knife .
And to that end - we need ( I did ) to test the resulting edge .

The edge under magnification looks as rough as a saw blade , it looks horrible ( 30x ) .... Butt ! It cuts !
Previously my Ruike 661 had done :

1500 grit = 40 slices of rope
180 grit diamond cut edge = 110 slices of rope
Wet Stone Grinder = I stopped @ 170 slices because it had kicked 110 to the curb .

When I came back inside I was easily able to slice paper in a relaxed stress free environment .. But I could feel the drag .
I have a leather strop with some polishing compound on it ( green stuff ) and after half a dozen passes on the strop the edge was back . It sliced the paper with ease . And this is what I was looking for , a method of sharpening a knife that then allows for easy edge maintenance ( like stropping ) to bring back the edge .
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Posted by old4570 | Feb 16, 2021 @ 02:41 AM | 5,164 Views
I was going to double stack the fans ..
But my printer would not hear of it .
So I double stacked the print , top part of the fan pulls air and the bottom part kicks the air out ??????????? ( Well , thats the idea )

Now I just need to print out a new EDF body / tube .
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3D printed 30mm 18 blade EDF (3 min 7 sec)

Oh dear !
Just not producing usable thrust !

Current draw is under 1A @ 25,000rpm
Not showing signs of blowing up ( Thats good )
But the fan is not loading up ..
It blows air , but just not a usable amount of air .

Was it going to be that easy
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Experimental 50mm 18 blade EDF fan (1 min 41 sec)

1408 motor - 2s
50mm 18 blade fan taken to 20,000 rpm
Resulting in some 50 grams of thrust on the stand .
This was a little better than expected .

30mm Fan just printed and is cooling right now .
yeah ,
A 30mm 18 blade fan .

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2nd print is NQR

Doing a 3rd print now .. ( Corrections )

Bolt pattern is for the 1103 N up micro quad motors .

Next one will most likely be a 30mm fan for a 1105 or something / depending on testing .
And then if all goes ok I will print a EDF Body for the fan .

Will see , all depends on efficiency and thrust capability .. Still . a great little time waster /

NQR fan will be tested on a 1408 to see if it blows ( up )
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Yeah , I had to go small

OD is 50mm
Blade count is 18
And the motor for testing is seriously over kill .

Butt ! and it's a huge but ! Did not throw a blade ! @ 20,000 rpm
So a slight re design , and the next one will be the same except for 1105 or something size / mount pattern .
I want to do a very small light EDF that will work ..

I will see if I can maybe micro size down to a small light 30mm unit , but this lock down gives me plenty of test print time I guess .
Posted by old4570 | Feb 12, 2021 @ 09:25 PM | 3,902 Views
22 hour lock down Per day .
So time to kill since everything is VERBOTEN !

What to do ?
Hmmm , been thinking about 3D Printing my own EDF unit !
Yeah , should not be impossible or anything . Just keep it simple and everything should at least bolt together .
Hmmm ,
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UMX TT playing with the tail (3 min 49 sec)

Just dont know when to leave well enough alone
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40mm Alloy EDF on the thrust test stand (2 min 27 sec)

Thrust tested :

Racerstar 40mm Alloy EDF
2s test , as it is required for a 2s application .
The EDF mount was 3D printed and designed by me
And looks to work really well . It was based on the KISS principle ( keep it simple silly ) .
And works well right off the hotplate ( heated bed ) . Probably my best print to date .
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UMX TT with the tail up the side of the fuse (6 min 18 sec)

Another test flight !
This time the tail is routed up the side of the fuse .. Which was a fail !
Better was out the bottom and toward the back .

Came home , tried to tune the tail and all I did was DE-tune it ! Which means the tail was not long enough .
So I have soldered on a longer tail .
Do we need the waggle at the end ? I did this to maybe broaden the area for capturing a signal (?)
An improvement with the limited testing I did . How that translates to flying ?
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Yeah , so lots of bad weather At The Moment ( ATM ) ...
And I keep forgetting about the Elephant in the room , my 3D printer .

So what to do when the weather turns bad , obviously 3D print something you need .
So I designed a mount for my Alloy EDF unit ( The 40mm I waited a long time for )
Really wanted to :

A) Test a EDF on the Turnigy Test Stand
B) Design a mount for testing EDF's on the Turnigy Test Stand

Just bolted it all together ... Haven't run it yet !
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UMX TT with a tail (5 min 40 sec)

Got up 6am , My back was aching ! So walkies and fly time !

The TT has a tail added to the antenna , and there was a slight improvement !

After the flight , I came home and right away changed the location of the tail . wrapping it around the fuse a little . ( Just like I mentioned in the video )

This might help get rid of the dead zone ? ( might )

Hmmmmmmmmm , mmmmmm Do I bother trying to tune the tail ?

Lots off Woolly weather on the way .
Posted by old4570 | Feb 03, 2021 @ 04:53 AM | 5,964 Views
UMx Turbo Timber gets a tail ..

Is this good / bad / and or ugly ( Will it help ? )

Find out when the weather permits !

Bit of wire soldered to the end of the factory antenna ( tail ) .