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Posted by jbc | Jan 30, 2011 @ 11:15 AM | 1,777,021 Views

This is the comparison review between two very popular Spitfires. One manufactured by Durafly and the other by FMS, are they very similar or very different?
Both are similar size, made from EPO and selling at similar price points. If you own one or own both and you love your Spitfire, watch the video then show your colours and let ya voice be heard

Spitfire SHOOTOUT : FMS/Airfield Vs Durafly/Hobbyking...the winner is??? (15 min 0 sec)

Posted by jbc | Jan 18, 2011 @ 05:56 PM | 1,781,477 Views

The Supermarine Spitfire made famous during the second world war especially while the battle of Britain was taking place high over the skies of England!
FMS have helped re-create this magnificent warbird in tough EPO with and at a very nice size, a 1400mm wingspan The first thing you'll notice is the level of finish and detail, very good for a model at this price range. The version done by FMS is a Mk IX modeled of the Kiwi Ace of Alan Deere during WW2 and is one of the better recreations currently out there.

The actual plane the FMS version was modeled off

Level of detail
Tough EPO
Nice size
Flight characteristics
Easy build

Retracts, they work well but narrow track and not enough forward rake lead to poor ground handling
Needs extra noseweight or big motor to achieve correct CG
Retract mounts are weak plastic

I got this plane as a kit from Aerial Hobby and decided to put in my own power system. Originally I was going with a Turnigy 4250 650kv motor but after not being able to achieve CG without adding dead weight I went with a bigger/heavier 5055 580kv motor and 5S battery. I have an 80A esc, run a separate 3-5A Bec and use a 13x8.5 MAS 2 blade prop.

This setup gives me around 1.2-1.3KW at 60-65Amps with a 5S 4000mAh 30C battery.

With that I have unlimited vertical, plenty of speed and after around 6-7 minutes of flying I put approximately 2200-2400mA back into the battery....so in a nutshell.....it's definitely...Continue Reading
Posted by jbc | Jan 10, 2011 @ 12:08 PM | 1,780,206 Views


● Channels: 9channels ● Model type: helicopter, airplane, glider ● RF power: less than 20db ● Modulation: GFSK ● Code type: PPM/PCM ● Sensitivity: 1024 ● Lcd type: 128*64 dot ● Low voltage warning: yes ● DSC port: yes ● Charger port: yes ● Power: 12VDC (1.5AAA*8) ● ANT length: 26mm ● Size: 190*80*240mm ● Color: black/Grey ● Certificate: CE, FCC ● Channel: 2.4GHz 9 channel

Features: ● 8model memory ● EPCM&PPM selectable transmitter ● 9 channels output ● 3 type (glide& airplane& helicopter) ● Multi-data computerized display (128x 64Xlcd) ● Digital control

So here we have the 9X transmitter made by FlySky and also sold under other names like Turnigy, Eurgle, Imax and others. This is probably the best value for money radio currently available on the market at around $60USD and that includes an 8channel receiver and 2.4gHz module but is very and which simply plugs into the back.
Probably the only thing holding this radio back and stopping it from absolutely kicking the living snot out of the the competition in the lower priced bracket is the fact that it only has enough memory for 8 different models. Definitely not a deal breaker but if FlySky were to increase this then it might start to get some of the bigger brands a little worried
After flying this for over a year using a Corona 2.4gHz DSSS V2 module...Continue Reading
Posted by jbc | Jan 10, 2011 @ 01:12 AM | 1,779,014 Views

The F5e Tiger II 70mm EDF from Starmax is another jet to keep an eye out for. It does everything you'd expect from a Jet in the 70mm range. It goes together nicely, the build is relatively straightforward and there's good provisions for modifications and upgrades for those that are handy.

- Looks SEXY
- Desert Camo scheme is great for orientation
- Good provisions for retract installation
- Flies very stable and control surfaces are responsive
- Very low stall speed and can slow to a crawl
- Comes in 3 schemes Desert, Grey and Swiss airforce
- Paint work is good

- Foam is soft and crappy Starmax EPS which will damage to even the slightest knock
- Battery bay is a little small for an EDF this size 1312mm long and only just fits upto a 4S 2200
- No covers included to conceal wiring and secure ESC to fuselage
- Short flight times for higher power setups due to limited size battery being able to fit in battery bay

I used this SAPAC/Global Fly motor and fan combo available from HiModel and on bench testing I got 883Watts at 62Amps with a 2200 30C 4S battery. This gave me more than enough power however the small battery bay and battery only allows for short 3-4min flights.

The retracts can be found here at Hobbyking which are also the same as the ones I used here from PW-RC as I wanted the included struts Phillip provides to have as spares. They hold up well and are great for this application.

Overall this is a very nice 70mm...Continue Reading
Posted by jbc | Jan 05, 2011 @ 02:38 AM | 1,783,359 Views

FMS have won hearts again with their release of the F4U Corsair! As soon as I heard this was on their list of planes to be released I just knew I had to have one and much I my delight I was NOT disappointed

The not so good : I had a few QC issues however which I feel I should mention. On one of the gear doors I had a little tab break off which in the end, I simply super glued back on. This tab is responsible to help control the opening and closing of the gear doors and without it it simply won't work. I'm not sure if it happened at the factory or via shipping The next problem was that I had to remove the engine cowl but a part of it was glued to the fuselage and it got damaged when I removed it to fit the motor. This was due to glue seeping out of the join and onto the cowl during manufacture. The last thing was that the heat generated inside the canopy is causing the foam to blister slightly, only a cosmetic thing but still one that you should be aware. Tinting the canopy might help avoid this.

Something that's worth mentioning however it's not really a QC issue is that that even though the canopy and battery area is quite large, the access needed to get to the forward battery area is awkward.

The power system : Once assembled this thing will give you many hours of flying pleasure she really does look amazing in the air with that 'Gull' wing! I chose the stock 600kv motor that comes with the FMS Mustang over the 520kv motor which normally comes with it so I'...Continue Reading