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Posted by jbc | Feb 07, 2010 @ 09:55 AM | 17,380 Views
I saw a flying witch on youtube once and thought 'that looks bloody cool' so decided to go about making my own out of bits n pieces lying around. I bought the kite for the wings/cape and stuck it all together. Originally the main spar/broomstick was made of balsa and broke just behind the main gear so I changed it to aluminium square tube for extra strength. It did add extra weight but it still flies good and works as a bit of a stabiliser during flight. When it's in the air it gets a ton of looks and everyone seems to have a laugh

Here's some specs on her:

Motor Turnigy SK 3536 910Kv
Towerpro 40A esc
13x4 sport prop, 34.5A static thrust 408W
2 x HXT900 9gm servos for rudder and elevator
1.7m long
1.8m wingspan
Flying weight 2.250kg with a 2200 20c 3s battery

**EDIT 30/3/10** : now run on 4S with a 12x6 prop for 470W at around 33A.

The main body broomstick brushes are made of EPP with some timber dowel through the body for strength. The broomstick is made of 25mm aluminium square tube while the legs are made of depron cos I ran out of EPP foam. On the broomstick brushes I made a skid out of 11mm square timber and the main landing gear which hides behind her legs is aluminium. I drilled holes in the broomstick and main gear to try save on weight.

When the video was shot I was using a 12x6 sport prop that was drawing 33A and 370W on 3S. It was very windy that day and she struggled in the wind.

Flying Witch RC (1 min 31 sec)