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Posted by fastmax | Feb 23, 2018 @ 11:44 AM | 9,825 Views
The new HobbyMate Elite 6A/80W Multi Chemistry AC/DC Balance Charger is now available, and is an excellent, full featured, computerized charger, that won't break the bank.

This little unit has a nice bright blue backlit screen making it easy to move through the menu. It will charge and discharge 1-6s Lilon/LiPo/LiFe/LiHV,1-15cell Nicd/NiMh, as well as 2-20V PB battery, Smart Battery Phantom I,II,III. You also get all the functions sometimes only offered on more expensive, high end chargers. You get Charge, Balance, Discharge,Terminal Voltage Control,Lithium Battery capacity & voltage checking,Battery Internal Resistance checking,Lipo Storage mode, Data storage and loading, and Lipo Meter.

I have been putting this little charger through its paces for about a month now. I have used it to charge every battery type, and capacity in my collection. I've used it to charge 5000mah car/truck packs, as well as 300mah micro drone packs, and everything in between.

This charger has performed flawlessly, and accurately. When used to balance charge, or storage charge/discharge my quad batteries, individual cell voltages are always within .01v of each other. That's great for a charger costing only $39

Anyone looking to upgrade from a RTR/RTF included charger, or looking to put another charger on the bench to decrease downtime, this HobbyMate Elite is well worth the price, and is an excellent option for anyone on a budget. I like it so much that it has become my desktop charger, and my older Hitec charger has been moved to my bench.

Check out the pics, and feel free to ask any questions you might have.
Posted by fastmax | Feb 13, 2018 @ 12:54 PM | 10,555 Views
Edit-11/6/2018 Now on sale here for only $50.99 during the 11/11 sales event.

The new MJX Technic Bugs 3 175mm Mini RTF brushless quad is now in stock and ready for shipping!

Ok, my initial thoughts upon opening the box were, wow! It's smaller than I was expecting. It is actually pretty close to 175mm diagonally, motor to motor, but for some reason it just looks smaller. It feels very well built, which I expected. I have always liked the original Bugs 3, so I expected good things out of this new mini version, and that same sense of quality, and durability is present with this smaller version.

The radio feels good in my hands, and all of the buttons are easy enough to get to, without feeling cramped, or like you have to stretch fingers to reach them. Binding was a cinch, and took all of about 2 seconds. Hold the arm button down on the radio when powering it on, and it beeps twice, plug the battery into the quad, and bam, your in action.

Much like the original Bugs 3 the lights are nice and bright, and that's something I love about these MJX quads. They make for great night flyers. The proprietary battery is sure to bother some folks, and rightfully so, but I think once spare batteries are available, it won't be too big a deal, as long as they are reasonably priced. I am charging the battery now, and have a timer running so I can see just how long it takes with the supplied USB charger.

On the first flight the battery lasted longer than I thought it would, considering...Continue Reading
Posted by fastmax | Feb 13, 2018 @ 12:52 PM | 13,329 Views
The HappyModel Mantis 85 has been getting quite a bit of attention lately as a great brushless micro for indoor, and outdoor use. As you'd expect from its name, the Mantis 85 is 85mm diagonally from motor to motor. The little quad comes well protected, in a nicely decorated box, with a foam insert that securely holds the Mantis, the included 400mah 2s battery, a manual, and a spare set of 1935 props.

The quad itself features a 2mm carbon fiber frame, with a reinforcing aluminum brace. You get an Omnibus F4 flight controller with built in OSD, SE1102 9000kv motors, and a 6A 4 in 1 BLheli-S DShot 600 ESC. FPV duties are handled by a 600TVL AIO camera with 25mw VTX. The F4 flight controller is pre-loaded with Betaflight 3.2

Available as an Flysky AFHDS-2A, Frsky D8, or DSMX/DSM2 BNF. It is also available as a Flysky AFHDS-2A RTF with Flysky FS-i6 radio system. The ready to fly version is truly an amazing value, costing only $132.99 The best part is, it comes bound to the included radio, with fail safe, and flight modes pre-programmed, so there is no need to do any setting up in Betaflight before flying. You can simply charge the battery and take to the air. This makes it a very good ready to fly package for beginners looking at getting their first brushless micro, or anyone that just wants a ready to fly model, without having to deal with the hassle of programming in Betaflight.

My first impressions of this little racer are good. It is very well built, and has a nice open...Continue Reading
Posted by fastmax | Feb 02, 2018 @ 12:43 PM | 11,635 Views
EDIT-7/16/2018 This printer is now on sale for $149 Click me to order.

A 3D printer in every average household is closer to becoming reality every day! The Aladdinbox SkyCube is truly a beginner friendly 3D printer that requires no special skills, or assembly to use. Best part is, it is also extremely affordable!

If you've been thinking about getting a 3D printer for you, and your family to have some fun with, then this completely assembled, basically ready to print right out of the box printer might be just what you're looking for!

This little printer is about as easy as it gets to set up, and start using. I literally pulled it out of the box, removed the safety clips from inside the print area, loaded the filament, selected an object from the included SD card and started printing. If you can operate a computer, or smartphone, then you can start 3D printing with this excellent little machine.

In the box you get the printer, a magnetic print bed, which makes removing your printed objects very easy. a 1GB micro SD card pre loaded with some fun things to print, a card reader, a USB cable for connecting to your computer, should you choose to print that way. I personally do all of my printing offline using SD cards. You get a spool of PLA filament to get you started, a glue stick for aiding in bed adhesion for your prints, and a quick start user guide which explains basically everything you need to know to start printing.

The printer itself is compatible with Cura,...Continue Reading
Posted by fastmax | Feb 02, 2018 @ 12:42 PM | 10,867 Views
Edit-4/16/2018 Now on sale for only $122

The new Emax Babyhawk R Racing edition micro FPV drone has been making quite a stir in the drone community since being released. As soon as I heard that this new micro from Emax was capable of handling 4s power, I couldn't wait to get my hands on one. Well, my wait is over!

This great looking little racer is very well equipped, and comes in at a very nice price point for what you are getting.

The quad is built on a carbon fiber frame, with replaceable 3mm arms. You get the option of running 2 inch, or 2.5 inch, or 3 inch props with optional arms sold separately, which makes this perhaps the most versatile micro platform currently available.

This little racer comes with the Emax Magnum tower system with F3 FC + 4-in-1 12A BLHeli-S ESC capable of running 2-4S batteries. It is preloaded with Betaflight 3.2.2 and power comes from the very zippy Emax RS1106 6000kv motors. For FPV we're given the Foxeer Arrow Micro CCD camera, and a 25/200mw 40 channel 5.8ghz VTX. Also included are 2 full sets of Avan 2 inch 4 blade propellers.

This set up on 4s should have insane amounts of power, and punch outs should be absolutely awesome! Check out the pics, and stay tuned for flight video coming shortly.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have.

Happy Flying!!

Quick flight video on 4s with Gemfan Hulkie 2040 props.

Emax Babyhawk R 4s Gemfan Hulkie 2040 MICRO POWERHOUSE!! (2 min 22 sec)
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