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Yes i want to install a castle set up on a brushed motor but the esc are tottal diff my steering servo on my other rc is only three wires which plugs rigjt in but thia steering servo has 5 wires on it and the plug is totally diff can some one explain a way i can hook this up. It would be greatly appreciated thanks. TRAGICS
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Seagate and DJI partner up to create a new storage solution. From the world’s first 5.25” HDD to today’s largest 60 TB SSD, Seagate Technology pushes the envelope once again by teaming up with DJI to help improve their UAV’s data transfers. These two leaders in their fields are aiming to upgrade a drone’s storage by not only size but speed. Seagate still kept it quiet at CES 2017, but they did manage to tease viewers with a preview.
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Here is my first flight with the new Eachine Falcon 210 Pro.There are three flight controller versions of this available,the CC3D, Naze32and SP Racing F3 ,I opted for the Naze32.
I flew this with its stock settings so I have done no PID tuning or anything else other than setting up the flight modes.Had a unplanned durability test as well as I misjudged my approach coming in toward a tree while flying fpv,hit pretty hard but the Falcon 210 was unharmed.
I will be doing some tuning and optimizing the way it is setup next with this quad and have a full review with pros and cons I have found with the Falcon 210 Pro coming soon.

Falcon 210 Pro Maiden Flight,FPV and Unintentional Crash Test (12 min 2 sec)

Check out the Eachine Falcon Pro 210 on sale here
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I had the Timber out Saturday. I brought out the Apprentice 15e too to test the fog. Sure enough I kept losing the Apprentice in the fog, but since I had it on intermediate mode I just kept turning left until it came back into view. Finally it cleared up enough for me to take some video. I love a good 3D plane, but the Timber was relaxing to fly. Still working on the flap settings. Even slow she wanted to balloon.

E-Flite Timber STOL High Wing RC Airplane Flight and Review in Fog (4 min 39 sec)

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Been quite some time since I've done a blog entry here. I've been focusing my modeling efforts over at the Flite Test forums to help cultivate a higher level of scratch building and encourage new-comers to try their hand at it.

For those interested, My latest project is the Bugatti 100p and the build has been sponsored by Hobby King. I've completed the custom contra-rotating motor and mounted it in the fuselage. For a full write up of the motor's build please see this FT article. The build thread is located here. Hope to have this flight worthy by April and to make it to Flight Fest 2017.
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Disclaimer : i do not get paid nor make any money from this mini review which is why i live in a cave ! . Product specification may change at the manufacturers behest any changes will appear on the linked webpage.

With the current trend of shrinking Quadcopters down as small as possible ( which is great ) i thought for a change i would go up in size to see what "off the shelf" Quads were available that i could use primarily as a trainer to introduce newcomers into the Brushless world but also something that i could use to take some aerial video with. Now that Christmas has passed i know a few family members who have bought their first or second Quad and so my motivation was to find a device that was relatively cheap but something that i would be comfortable letting someone with basic flying skills use, obviously under observation. The Bugs 3 ticked many of the boxes i required and the one that it didnt i was confident i could adapt very easily to my needs.

In the box

All laid out
...Continue Reading
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My long term review of the Turnigy Evolution after using it for 3 months straight. Still love this radio!

🎮 Turnigy Evolution 3 Month Review (21 min 42 sec)

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hey everyone i am a student of aeronautical engg. and i want to do a project related with r/c plane using solar panel so please help me to find a way to complete it. i just wanted to know the basic. need replies soon because i have just 3 months left.. thankyou
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Should You Buy The Vkar Racing BISON RC? An Important Discovery! How To Buy Parts. (9 min 44 sec)

I am still driving, flipping and loving the Vkar Bison RC. While trying to find out more about this amazing car, I stumbled across an important discovery here on these forums.. If you are on the fence about whether or not this car is worth it, you'll want to check out this video and learn more about this car. It is the same Roller as the Helion Four 10TR that is available from Hobby Town. That makes it super easy to get parts for it.

Have fun RCing my friends!
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Hello everyone...

I'm sharing my settings here for my overweight XK K110(aka Nelly).

These settings are exactly the way I fly and prefer to fly! Now guys remember that Nelly weighs about 74 grams I think, I'll check after work just now and share here her exact weight!

Also a very very IMPORTANT thing to keep in mind except the extra 10 grams of flying weight on Nelly is the LOW motor timing that is setup on her ESC! See it all starts there, at the ESC! So before you start to program your TX/RX settings you have to make sure that you chose your desired motor timing, because the heli will behave very differently with the different motor timings! I always choose LOW motor timing these days because it surely has the most torque of all the timings! And with NORMAL motor timing and especially with HIGH timing you have to be very careful and aware of all that's being setup, heli could just shoot off real real fast!!!

So here are my settings which I use to fly with, 6G exclusively!

D/R Rates are at 125 on CH1 & CH2 and 125 on CH4(Rudder)
Expo is at -20 on CH1 and CH2 and 0 on CH4(Rudder)

Th. C. = 00, 70, 80, 90, 100 (normal flying)
Th. C. = 100, 97, 95, 97, 100 (idle-up flying)

Pi. C. = 44, 55, 66, 77, 88 (normal flying)
Pi. C. = 15, 37/38, 50, 63/62, 85 (idle-up flying) --- respectively here for P2 and P4!

* note that P1 + P5 = 100; and P2 + P4 = 100; and P3 + P3 = 100! This way positive and negative pitch will always be the same! So when you are playing with them
...Continue Reading
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Hello guys....

Just sent my sister to the local hobby shop to get me new batteries for my K100(Whiny) so that I can fly her all sweetly without eating away the main motor's brushes!

She just callee me with bad news!!! They only have 4 batteries left to sell me! They are 240mah ones, but in size are identical to the 250 mah stock one! The bad thing is that only 3 of them have connectors, the 4-th one has none, just the wires! So I'll have to install my own connector at the end of the 4-th battery's pair of power supply wires! So all in all I'll have 5 stock battereis, 1 x 250mah one and 4 x 240mah ones, and then I have another 5 brand new 130mah batteries from my V911(lil Midget)!

So I have 10 batteries now for Whiny which are all lightweight and all spare her main and tail motors! Also I have 8 x 500mah batteries and 2 x 450mah ones for Bobby and Nelly! Bobby and Nelly have absolutely no problem caring the heavier batteries, and even all the modifications on Nelly still really almost have no effect on her performance! The BL motor is just sooo powerful that a little extra weight does nothing to the heli really!

Now its all very relative this battery stuff, but for sure I can see that for helis like Whiny with brushed main motors, extra weight is really a very bad idea! The main brushed motor get burning hot by the middle of the flight, even before that, and especially in idle-up mode!

When I tried the 450mah and even the 500mah batteries on lil Whiny she did...Continue Reading
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Hello to all fellow pilots!

I have some very interesting news and findings for you all here...

While we always seem to be comparing the V977 to the K110 and also sometimes we throw in something about the K100!!! Well we should STOP to compae the K100 to the V977 and the K110 because they are really really different helis! See we can compare the V977 to the XK K110 and that will be just fine, but the XK K100 is no comparison/competition for the V977 and the K110!

What I'm trying to say here is that the K100 is a very small and light heli which unlike its bigger brother(Bobby) and sister(Nelly) can't carry extra weight at all!!! See guys for the K100(lil Whiny) I've noticed that the heaviest battery possible to use in the K100 is the stock 250 mah one! anything bigger than that will just burn out the brushed main motor!

Also from testing and experience I know that if a heli is heavier then we have to add more power to the tail motor or make sure the tail prop produces a little more thrust, to accommodate for the extra weight! The main motor gets eaten away literally when using the 450 mah or even the 500mah batteries(Bobby's and Nelly's ones), it just gets so hot that it can;t even be touched that main motor!

I see that my V911 has exactly the same motors as the K100!!! And this caused me to use the V911 batteries to fly my lil Whiny also! That is when I realized after a 5 minute flight with one of those 130mah V911 batteries that the main motor was not as hot...Continue Reading
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Hello to all fellow pilots here...

I have to admit that ever since I got this K100 I seem to be giving it lots of attention! It is very very nice to fly it with its own stock 250mah battery and nothing heavier than that for this lil fella!!!

Today i just bought 5 brand new 250mah original, stock batteries from my local hobby shop! I'm very very lucky that they have them!

I've decided to use this little heli for my 3D aerobatics training! It seems very very tough, and with this lower headspeed I think it may be almost bullet proof!

I also fly the little K100(Whiny) with the small 130mah V911 batteries, and I love how it feels! So as of today I'll have 5 x 130mah batteries and another 6 x 250mah original, stock ones! Bobby and Nelly use the 10 x 500mah batteries!

I've now completely fell, and even sunk into this hobby hey guys! And to think that it all started with a Syma S107 micro heli, coaxial!

The little Syma S107 was a gift from my sister! I loved it sooo much that I decided to get myself a V911 as my next heli and so I did! After that came Bobby(my V977) and then Nelly(my XK K110) and now finally Whiny(my XK K100) has arrived!

Now that I have enough batteries for my little Whiny and also I have spare motors for her I feel really happy that I will be learning 3D aerobatics finally!

I can't wait for spring to come! Winter now is not good at all for flying my sweeet helis outdoors! Flying my little sweeeet Whiny is very fun, she has not enough...Continue Reading
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Am I the only one who finds the following brands of lipo batteries amusing?

DANGEROUS 14.8V 1300mAh 4S 70C

Well, I'm sure I won't have to worry about using a DANGEROUS lipo on my multirotor!

Charsoon 11.1V 2200mAh 3S 60C Lipo Battery

Will this battery char soon?
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My first succesfull build was the tiny trainer with a fixed wing.
After a few months of flying fixed wings I think I am ready to move on to 4 Channel. For me it makes sence to do that also wiht the tiny trainer.
Instead of building only the "sport wing" I build a new tiny trainer.
This is all new for me so I opted to use 2 servo's in the wing and 2 channels on the receiver. There is 3 position switch on the transmitter.
I can now use that one to use the ailerons as flaps (both down and up).
Maybe I will never use it but it was good to figure out how te set the transmitter to make that work.
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test flights: lots of them, bottom line, flies like crap............

I cant believe how poor this flies. forward flight, okay but vastly different left aileron vs right right, very slow to turn left with allot of lag, right, rolls over nicely and turns 3 times faster,,,,,,,,,,,,. static hover is good and allot of fine tuning on the servo links to get this spot on. very slow on left turn, fast on right aileron.

if I fly in reverse this is where it goes totally pear shaped, heli starts to roll to the right, aileron left to counter response is very poor, wont respond, several near misses. I'm not talking fast flight here just gently bringing it back toward me. stock is fine as doing this. this was a real eye opener, something wierd is going on with the cyclic on the head for sure...........

on spool up and initial hover it can get into a wobble then stablises.

Gains set according to the instructions and fine tuned the tail and filter settings. tails was twitchy at 180 and improved as the gain value was bought back to around 150. definite improvement with tweaking the gains

seems to have allot of pitch, collar is set correctlyin the recess on the driveshaft, moved the collar to the top of the recess notch to takes some pitch off, still seems excessive. might just try locking it higher up.

been right through this several times. Drive shaft bearings and frame are new, servos good, was flying fine in stock form.

observations are - blade grip feathering...Continue Reading
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The magnum reloaded is great. But the cheap servo is not. The insides of the rudderservo stopped working during the last flight.
The rudder was stuck, the plane went in a downwards spiral and crashed...
New servo's are on their way and the magnum will fly again.

Here is a short video where the magnum is the star (and the battery is empty)

Magnum reloaded (0 min 38 sec)

We had some great flying weather te last days. No wind. Ideal for flying the hobyzone champ in the garden. Taking of on the driveway, over the chickencoop, around the vegetable garden, around the three, through the swing and lining up for the landing. Over and over again. Great fun.