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Posted by Micubano | Dec 06, 2012 @ 09:46 AM | 3,565 Views
I have been flipping and flying around fearlessly on Pheonix 4 for over a week now. So when a nice day presented itself, I took the Nano CP X out and tried going inverted twice. I was able to keep it there for a few seconds, but my instincts for real life inverted flying are not there yet and now I have a hole in my canopy to remind me of that.

The nCPX flies a lot like my mQX and I realized that whenever I try to just hover and turn, I can't keep it either of them in the exact same spot and lose a little control. Yet, forward flights are no problem. I need a good tutorial on handling the sticks in hover on these before because I feel the sim is taking me in the wrong direction.