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Posted by punkindrublik | Mar 24, 2014 @ 12:22 AM | 11,959 Views

Okay, so other than putting some firmware on the OSD (took a little while to realize that's why my picture was funny), this puppy is ready to go. This thing is gonna be a rocket once I switch to 4s.

Plates, tubes and carbon courtesy of awspider (thanks!)
Naze 32 w/GPS
SunnySky 2216-1250s
Afro Slim 20s
FrSky X8-r Rx
Boscam Cobra HD DVR/FPV cam
Boscam 400mW VTx
MinimOSD from WiteSpy
Distribution board with dual BECs (5.5v,12v)
RCTimer 9x5 Carbon Props
Nano-Tech 3300 3s Lipo

AUW 1150g