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Posted by xplaneguy | Dec 20, 2011 @ 02:21 PM | 13,772 Views
After a year of debating, I finally pulled the trigger on Dynam A-10 PNP version for $109 from Nitroplanes. I'm glad I did! The plane required several mods for me to be happy with it. First mod was adding a CF rod to the horizontal stabilizer, which took 10 minutes. Second, add small stir sticks to the leading edge of the horizontal stabilzer mount point to correct negative incidence. Third, cut and reposition the vertical stabilzer to a more vertical position. Fourth, epoxy the velcro battery holddown. Fifth, paint cockpit and add pilot. Sixth, paint all brown camo patterns...gunship gray! Seventh, add scale gun and the final step was remove the white star and bars from the national insignia with an x-acto knife and paint the red bar...black. Yes...it involved patience but for a guy that supported Green Camo A-10's at RAF Bentwaters, England....this was neccessary!

Epoxy was used throughout the assembly with the exception of reinstalling the canopy after painting the cockpit. I used the included foam glue.

I used an 11.1V 40C 2200mAh battery for the maiden and two additional flight this past weekend. The front edge of the battery was placed at the fourth fuselage rib inside the battery compartment to achieve the 75mm CG. The maiden was a piece of cake. The power is fair for an aircraft which is not meant to be a speed demon. For an A-10 fan....I'm happy with it! Heck...for $109, it beats the pants off the old GWS A-10. Friends from my local club here at Edwards AFB were debating like me but are now pulling the trigger too!