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Posted by target | Feb 16, 2013 @ 05:49 PM | 56,111 Views
Got a hankering for a new TD plane and something a bit less "common" than all the current rides. Enter Stork 4 Pro X-tail.
I did a little research and heard some good things but no bad things about them.
The stab arrangement is a bit unusual, but makes a lot of sense to me. It spreads the loads over a large area.

Speaking of area, this plane should be a real performer at slow speeds. It has a healthy fuse length (about the same as a 4.0 Xplorer) and just a 3.56m wing span, so in theory, its got gobs of tail volume. I know that is not very scientific, but hey, I'm not the analyst that some are....

I will be using a LiFe pack, and because I want to do this, my servo choice will be adjusted accordingly.
I am favoring the Hyperion digital servos these days. I have MANY DS-11AMB's in service, and will be trying some of the other servos in their line as well. The Hyperion website states that most of their servos are good to 6.5v loaded, and 7.3v unloaded. That puts them right into the proper voltage range for using a 2S LiFe pack.

I'm a fan of using fairly strong servos for the flaps and stab, so for these positions I am thinking DS-13TMB. They have 116 oz/in of torque at 6.0V! The speed is a little slower than some at .16 sec at 6.0v, so at 6.6v, they should be slightly faster, about .14 sec. I think that is fast enough.
The flaps on the Stork are LARGE! The center panel is...Continue Reading