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Posted by target | Oct 03, 2007 @ 11:48 AM | 86,727 Views
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CERES F3F from Soaring USA

Well, I just had to have one....
After exchanging emails with the designer of the the wing profile, Dirk Pflug, I knew the plane would be fast. And the distributor for Baudis Models is Soaring USA, so I knew I'd get the plane when/as promised.
And, even though the rest of the world seems not to favor the Trinity, it still has my best F3F time of 31.61 seconds at Parker Mountain. The Baudis Trinity has served me well, and is still going strong!
I decided I wanted the latest Baudis plane, the F3F version of the F3B CERES.

You can get yours, and most of the electronics here, at SUSA:

I had to play hooky from work, just to pick up my plane, I had been working offshore so much.
Upon getting the plane, it looked great! It's got an all carbon, very light, black fuselage, and the flying surfaces are white on top, with trim, and black and white on the bottoms.

Here is the breakdown of the component weights:

wing half..705g
stab half....42g
Total....1,820g (64oz)

10 ballast slugs, 130g each, or a total of 46oz of brass ballast!

A discussion thread is HERE:

If you have a comment PLEASE do it there. Thanks.

This plane comes with a complete hardware kit...
The plane also comes with the horns already in ALL the contol surfaces, nothing to mess up on there.

You will need the folowing items to finish the plane:

(4) Futaba S3150 servos (TRY to get the servos with Hitec/JR style plugs; the supplied harness uses this style females)
(2) 3421 JR servos
(1) Receiver
(1) 4 cell battery pack; either CP1300 1/2Sub C cells, or IB1400 1/2 A cells, configured as pictured.
(1) Switch/charge plug
* Solder and soldering pencil
* Heat shrink tubing
* .015 music wire
* Quality epoxy
* Clear tape