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Posted by target | Feb 21, 2006 @ 10:44 PM | 77,327 Views
Check this out!

I'm not sure if it will post properly, but early this morning, there was a maniac in a ferrari going about 200 MPH on PCH that crashed. That is precisely where I would normally be around that time every morning in my commute to work.....

But instead, I was driving up Interstate 5, towards Bakersfield, to P/U my new Nyx from John Frudge. I guess this sailplane addiction is really a life saver!
And thanks to John, too. After making the deal with John this morning, I drove back to work, down the grapevine, taking hwy 126 to Ventura.

On the way home today, there was a delay at the accident site; they were putting the wires on the NEW POWER POLES!!!

Lucky again!

Posted by target | Feb 08, 2006 @ 12:00 AM | 78,579 Views
Just completed an old Airtronics RG-15 Eagle kit I found on Ebay. Maiden took place at White Point in San Pedro in about 5mph of slope lift. Everything went pretty well, except for right after the launch, when the plane was ballooning abit, due to the elevator trim being about 6 clicks off.
Landing was a non event, with my trusty EVO 9; I used the "digi adjuster" to set the elevator compensation for the "crow" in the landing mode, whil the plane was up.
It is one smooth flying bird! I am looking forward to my very first winch launch in a couple weeks at Field of Dreams, the S.U.L.A. club field.