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Posted by Kmot | Apr 26, 2013 @ 12:15 AM | 20,411 Views
It has been a while since I played with a fast electric model boat. Used to do it years ago, but then got more interested in scale working boats.

But recently I saw a few Revolt boats at a local pond and I was smitten with the way it looks. I decided I wanted one for myself.

I did not care for the dull finish of raw aluminum, as all of the hardware parts were. So I polished it all up. I replaced all the stock screws, and used some anodized aluminum washers to set off the satin stainless steel machine screws I installed. It turned out pretty well.

Other things I have done to it are install a ball bearing thrust washer on the motors output shaft, and install an oak wood support under the stuffing box. I dressed, sharpened, and lightly polished the prop. And I removed a few of the less desirable decals.

The Aquacraft Revolt 30 comes in four different liveries. Three of them are race boat style and one is civilian style. I chose the civilian style livery. I think it looks like a Day Cruiser type scheme.

I intend to build a more sturdy wood boat stand for it. The included ABS stand is too small, thin, and very flimsy for my liking....Continue Reading