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Posted by RickC_RCAV8R | Jan 26, 2019 @ 03:21 PM | 19,894 Views
Gentlemen :

I have been away for far too long and much has happened since my last posting . November saw a month long trip to Cairns Australia to visit my mate Dennis (cynr100) and the club mates with CMAC . This trip was a RC flying and touring trip of a lifetime . Regards to Dennis and the 'boys' who took me in as one of their own . Although I did not fly up to my old levels of competence , I did learn to fly ACRO on the 250mm quadcopter I took along with Dennis' help . He created a monster !

Recent winter shop projects are well along their way . Rebuilds of 2 quadcopters and a Trifecta build have been completed at this juncture . The latest rebuild is of my old V22 Osprey . I always had problems with this one with regards to the nacelle tilting mechs and their setup in the Happy Sundays firmware . A new design around a pair of bargain bin (HK) buggy type 2:1 gear ratio transmissions are at the heart of this . The basic idea is to use these gearboxes to each drive an 7mm fiberglas arrow shaft to do the nacelle tilting . A heavier duty MG995 servo will be used to connect to an intermediate jack shaft to drive the inputs of the gearboxes . Simple 3D printer type GT series gears and belts make the jack shaft to gearbox connections a snap . Future expansions may see a second servo be added to drive each gear mech . For now , I have both being driven with one servo .

All parts so far have been 3D printed for this project . Quick design changes can be realized in...Continue Reading