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Posted by kiwi_craig | Mar 13, 2017 @ 09:31 PM | 11,519 Views
FY 02/03/05 etc fans

New out on aliexpress, full alloy HD differential units, these look superb, ring gear and spider housing is all one piece with bolt on end caps

under hard abuse the plastic diff housing can stretch and the spider gears can slip damaging the teeth

just need banggood to get stock and a sharper pricing and happiness filled!

a decent splined driveshaft, personally don't like the sliding pin drives as they wear like crazy............

and new adjustable steering rods, finally !

now to get my hands on some !
Posted by kiwi_craig | Mar 10, 2017 @ 12:18 AM | 10,358 Views
well after numerous late nights, head scratching and related, I have found a cure.......

the 150mm blades included in these kits are simply to short.................

I altered the pitch setting by sliding the swash locker up the drive shaft, this reduces the pitch, and trimmed the blade roots on the stock 185mm FP blades and fitted these up, and damn it, it flies as docile as.................... no death wobble, zippo, hovers happy as, STUNNED !

The tails working, just humming, with all the extra torque off the head, but no more death wooble...... I can see a longer tail tube to balance the head torque.

So the real problem is the stupidly short bloody blades they fit on these things. !!!!! waste of space.......

There is a still an odd response to the servos due to the fraction off phasing, but at least its well flyable......... I can work with this !!!

Translating this back to the stocker id bet serious $$$ if some one made a set of blades say 10mm longer than the stocker it would make a tremendous difference to the birds stability in stock 2 bladed form.....

Bloody helll..... What a journey this has been..... And i ordered a rakon head yesterday in frustration, arh well. Twin tri blades ....

This is my take on the situation: for the 200 the rx is tuned to suit the response from the stock rotor diameter, at around 400mm, The tri blades, they reduce this to 350mm and put in more pitch...... The rx senses an out of sync aileron roll and puts out...Continue Reading