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Posted by kiwi_craig | Mar 23, 2016 @ 03:51 AM | 11,161 Views
Simple maximum rpm test in a stock v977 heli

Stock battery 450 /25c. 4728 rpm

Goo 520 / 30c. 4863 rpm. Straight off the charger !

Turnigy nanotech 600 35c 4822 rpm

Turnigy Graphene 600 65c 4905 rpm

The v977 head is heavily loaded with pitch at maximum throttle, back down the rpm range i was seeing over 5300 rpm from the graphene the motor is absolutely screaming ! The extra c rate is noticable

Graphene is noticably shorter, same length as stock where as the nanotech is the same length as the Goo battery.


Stock. 12.12g
Goo. 13.52g
Nanotech. 16.13g
Graphene. 15.04g

1/2mm thicker than the nanotechs, trim the raised sections in the battery holder and its a snug fit through the remainder of the battery housing.