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Posted by kiwi_craig | Feb 28, 2016 @ 01:59 PM | 7,455 Views
FX 071 - Jet ranger, going to be straight forward. Tail boom aligns nicely with the rangers body shell

Eflite jet ranger body for thier coaxials. two versions white blue blue and white blue red

EFLH 1263. Red & blue
EFLH 1264. Blue on blue

078 tail gearbox for blade straight out the back, similiar to v912

Trim front off lower chassis plate and slide battery in from the bottom into the front of the canopy. More room forward than stock to get it nose weighted.

intend to use plastic hex bolts for stand off body mounts

Skids, body kit comes with white skids see if they can be plugged in some how other wise reset stock skids and white plasticoat.

Should look good flying ! Just need to find time to get her done !

Would like to do a tri blade tail rotor Any suggestions ? Needs to fit a v912 style tail gear hub though, so maybe the popular walkera 180 tri blade wont fit ?...Continue Reading
Posted by kiwi_craig | Feb 06, 2016 @ 05:36 PM | 6,852 Views
The FF200 is a stunning little motor for use in a variety of 200 - 300 size helis

Whilst the vast majority have been great out of the box i struck one with a dud bearing, it buzzed like crazy....... Enough to totally confuse the pcb - gyro

After much hunting i found a suitable replacement bearing set at hobbyking, comes in pack of four, enough for two motors.

Bearing is a 3x7x3. 3mm ID. 7mm OD. 3mm depth. Bearing is listed for a HK550GT heli.

Works perfect and no more buzz bomb vibes