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Posted by BAF23 | Apr 02, 2018 @ 03:48 PM | 6,987 Views
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Part 1: Introduction and choices

Purchased unfinished on a second-hand website in 2015, that 1988 Rödel kit had been lying dormant in its box and only assembled after 2010 by a new owner who didn’t complete it. That very rare standoff scale 1:5 model was larger than I had in mind (2m11 wingspan) and was too heavy for the AXI 4163/20 that I had purchased for a conversion of a 1:6 PC9 into a PC7. I sold the PC9 but this PC7 model still had no engine mount nor flaps, aileron servos were missing, and too long legged brand-less electrical retracts with dubious electro brakes installed. Upon inspection I saw that the assembly quality was ok, the model being of period traditional build with balsa or Abachi planking over a foam core for most surfaces. Although it weighed only 5,5kg as acquired, everything was made of strong quality wood with the fuselage painted and wings in Solarcover. White being a good base color for the yellow I was going to apply over it, we quickly agreed on an acceptable price before I loaded the model in my camper. Back home I had to rearrange the hobby room to stock that relatively large model, in the meantime I kept it in the living room in its partially finished Martini display team scheme. This was Jaques Bothelin's lead airplane HB-HMA in which I sat but never flew.

Pic rod pc7 21 jun-2

In 1986 I performed an evaluation flight in the front seat of the yellow/red company demonstrator HB-HMP but as in 2012 I got a back seat...Continue Reading