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Posted by BAF23 | Dec 21, 2015 @ 05:08 PM | 15,510 Views

Although I had made up my mind not to buy any other model before I finished all the ones awaiting in the attic, my eyes popped when I saw the picture of an ultra-rare 2m80 span Fournier RF5b Sperber advertised for a reasonable price on a well-known German RC forum.

Besides having met an old friend who bought a full size RF5 and promised me a ride in 2016, I also remembered how often there had been suitable soaring weather but nobody to tow during the summer months. I had hoped to fill that void with the foam Hype DG1001M with retractable engine, but it proved too much of a toy and after selling it I was on the lookout for a a suitable traditional material powered glider with a motor in the nose, preferably in the 3meter class that I also could use it on the slopes, and representative of a real motorglider. I immediately wrote a mail to the seller and he rapidly agreed to sell it to me although he had two more offers. Two days later I drove to Germany to pick it up amidst a cellar full of other models young and old.

The seller had bought the model years ago from a German living in the alps, but had no idea if it was a kit or homebuilt because you never saw another one although the fuselage was in strong polyester/fiber. The model was more than complete and ready to fly except for a battery. It had an expensive engine in the nose, an ESC, Graupner servos, yellow, blue and clear canopies, two horizontal tailplanes and two different wingspar joiners. The gear was...Continue Reading