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Posted by BAF23 | Dec 07, 2014 @ 04:18 PM | 16,713 Views
When I started flying indoor during the winter of 2013 I had no envy to buy the traditional aerobatic generic Depron models that are so popular. My penchant for scale led me to buy a micro Spitfire from Parkzone. Changing the delivered UK colored model into the Belgian markings MH434 like it flew during summer 1991, added much more weight and caused the minimum airspeed to increase so much that it became difficult to fly in our limited dimension sports hall, its small size also made it difficult for me to estimate its real distance from the walls. An internet search for a more suitable model made me search for a larger biplane. It thus became the E-flite Nieuport 17 which I ever dreamed of building as a full-size replica and for which I ordered the Redfern plans in 1983. I never realized that dream (due to the lack of suitable engine at a reasonable price) but decided to at least fly a model of it in my chosen finish of a Nieuport 23 flown by the famous pilot Edmond Thieffry during the first world war. Removal of the colors and decorations on the original model caused so much damage that I had to use too much filler on the tail, necessitating additional weight in the nose, and the additional paint coats and decorations didn’t help keep the weight down.
Nieuport 23-2
Being a rudder-only model, it didn’t turn well despite the much increased dihedral. Rolling out of even moderate turns required much anticipation, and I also experimented with different incident...Continue Reading