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Posted by BAF23 | Apr 24, 2014 @ 08:03 AM | 25,941 Views

The result in July 2015, but it took a year of blood (yes, like everybody I sometimes cut myself during work) sweat and tears to get from the picture below to the one on top. I don't mind, like the result, and it keeps a retired aviator busy all year through.

Model as advertised and bought second-hand in April 2014

A week after getting a secondhand rare 30 year old WIK Twin Astir II glider, I stumbled on an advertisement for a quarter-scale Flair Ka8, fully assembled with servo’s and towhook, and advertised as “in good condition”. It was expensive, but a few hours after a half price bid I jokingly made, I got a mail that I could come and collect it. A few hours later, after having flown my Parkzone 2m25 Ka8b foamy to regain currency after the winter, I arrived at the seller’s home and spotted the assembled burgundy Ka8b in his open garage. It was love at first sight, the shape of that Ka8 nose was exactly scale, as was the front skid and the rear rubber skid. The wing had spoilers that extended on top and below the wing, as on the real glider. This model was still of traditional build, made of no less than 600 balsa parts (Flair manual predicts 400 assembly hours), and covered with fabric. Negative points were an atrocious outside towhook, a very roughly applied paintjob, and numerous “patchwork” repairs with inconsistent materials and colors all over the model.

I had been lounging for a nice Ka8b but was not happy with the looks of the 3m seagull nose, the lack...Continue Reading
Posted by BAF23 | Apr 06, 2014 @ 10:37 AM | 22,416 Views
A few weeks after the last post concerning my unrestored Multiplex Ka6e adjustment flights (with the pictures of the windhose mishap to the real glider), I got in touch with the photographer and the owner of the glider at the time of that mishap (2010). I got a good selection of more detailed pictures and was surprised about the extent of the damage. The detailed cockpit interior pictures proved an invaluable source of necessary data, and I also got the word the glider is lingering around “as is” in a hangar at St Hubert airfield, in the hands of a well-known Belgian restorer with no progress having been made at the end of 2013.

Mid October I decided to ground my secondhand model after a total of 10 adjustment flights so I could start the restoration. After elaborated searches I had obtained pieces of yellow vinyl, fire-orange and cub-yellow Oracover, which all seemed to match the original colors rather well. The owner of the real Ka6e running a van modification shop, just mixed colors till they looked good, but didn’t take notes so getting them off the shelf with RAL numbers was not an option. Oracover also exists in the so called “scale” variety, which is completely opaque, but the catalogue warns this was obtained by a thin layer of aluminum which incidentally also tends to block RF signals towards internally mounted antennas.

I first experimented with the Oracover and vinyl to see how opaque these would be, and how much they stretched or could be shrunk to...Continue Reading