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Posted by BAF23 | Aug 09, 2013 @ 05:59 PM | 31,739 Views
After reading and seeing some posts about finished Boeing 737 models from Windrider, I decided even if it didnít fit exactly in my collection (I never was an airline buff), I had to have that model and finish it in some Belgian colors. I kind of liked the winglets and being a -700 I opted for a model of the well documented OO-JAR of the Belgian tour operator Jetair in its delivery configuration. Here you see a picture of the aircraft landing back at the Seattle Boeing factory after its maiden flight. Being christened with the Enjoy name on its nose seemed appropriate for an RC airliner.

I purchased the model ďall inĒ during a sale of the Austrian dealer Lindinger, it was cheaper as the glider version! but from the start I discarded the engines, ECSís, fans and retract system because I wanted more robust units. The RC group pages about that model contained valuable information which I thoroughly analyzed during months before deciding the configuration and modifications to my model. Getting all the necessary parts and trims also took months because most had to be imported from China, USA and various European suppliers. My choice felt on 5S fed HK2855-2100 engines powering CS10 fans with aluminum nosecone through 80A ESCís. Gears had to be metal trunion 4mm hardened shaft with scale wheels on dampened springs, geardoors on all 3 legs and single slotted Fowler flaps. Realistic sequenced lightning set all around the vinyl covered airframe with Caligraphics detailing. Separate...Continue Reading