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Posted by hoghead5150 | Aug 09, 2012 @ 09:46 PM | 5,151 Views
well a good friend of mine (patrick) has several planes and is a pretty good pilot. he bought a new parkzone spitfire and was taking it out for it's maiden flight.

since i have the new apprentice, and have been scared as hell to fly it, i thought i would take it out, and have him look over it to make sure i hadn't screwed it up.

patrick maidened his spitfire, which was awesome, and looked over the apprentice. he allows that everything looked great. well since there was 0 wind, we were at the field, and i had somebody there that knew what they were doing, i thought why not maiden mine also!

so i threw in the battery, radio check, and here we go!!
first takeoff (grass soccer field) went good. i had a little more run than i thought because i didn't hammer the throttle. slowly rolled into it until i lifted off. i made a couple passes, and the plane flew perfectly. very stable, not a single problem. brought it in for its first landing, and it sorta glided better than i thought. made a good landing just overshot the spot i wanted to come down on by about 50 feet!!

second flight went pretty much the same. good takeoff, easy climb, made a few passes, then the second landing i overshot again, powered out and circled around again. this time it came down perfectly!
Posted by hoghead5150 | Aug 09, 2012 @ 09:40 PM | 5,091 Views
well, i've always loved aircraft. since i was a kid i wanted to fly, but knee problems and vision problems kinda took that dream away. i joined the military and while i was there i had a few buddies that were into rc planes. i flew once or twice, but not much as back then they were pretty expensive, gas powered, and made of wood. i was an air force aircraft electrician for 8 years, and pretty much worked on every aircraft the air force has. i also got to fly in quite a few of them!

fast forward and now i'm 40!! i had back surgery and needed a hobby that would keep me busy. i've had a passion for cars since i was younger. my dad and my brother had some fantastic cars back then, and i enjoyed helping and watching them work on their hot rods. i used to build volkswagen bugs, and had a rockcrawler 4x4 but after surgery, working on them is very hard. so came the rc rockcrawling world.

rc rockcrawling is extremely fun, and addictive. i've been doing the competition scene here in oklahoma and have done very well. qualified for nationals this year!! anyway, my brother is into these as well and he also has a passion for planes. he bought a hobbyzone super cub and asked me if i wanted to fly it.

now i thought that the planes would be ok, but sorta boring. well after the first flight of the super cub, i was HOOKED. this is more addictive than crack!! we have been flying for a month or so and i started looking for my first plane.

my thoughts on my first plane...Continue Reading