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Posted by solentlife | Dec 05, 2018 @ 02:36 AM | 66,709 Views
I have created / I am moderator on various forums and Owners Groups.

The range of styles and moderators is wide and can at times be bewildering.

I have been in the modelling hobby for over 55yrs and seen development and changes that we could never have imagined. Leaving aside the electronics and models themselves - one of the most useful but also can be destructive - is the advent of Internet and Forums.

Forums and sites such as Youtube give instant access to all. Whether experienced or newcomer. Because of its instant factor - it can also be carrier for the less informed or those with 'character'.

Recently a Vendor posted on a text that caused a number of members to reply in terms of disbelief. The vendors claims were in all honesty ridiculous.

As I say - various members posted such and I decided to add some experiences and questions to the thread. The vendor continued his stance and debate continued. While I was typing my next reply - the moderator of that section "Dirkclod" posted a message informing that he would ban anyone who continued to 'bash' the vendor. I was totally unaware of his threat and clicked POST. Once my text uploaded - I then saw his threat ... but before I could edit / delete my post - which actually was NOT bashing the vendor but questioning his claims - I was banned.

I was not able to edit / delete or even contact the moderator to discuss or solve the situation.

Two weeks later - I was allowed back to...Continue Reading