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Posted by solentlife | Nov 23, 2018 @ 05:26 AM | 65,642 Views
With the building of workshop / garage / club room ... I will be moving gear soon. That frees up the house as Wife is tired of my modelling !!

With so many models of so many different types - I need to learn to stop buying / building and just fly what I have. When it comes down to it - I enjoy the building .. not so much the final installation / setup ... and then the nervous maiden flight !! The joy of that successful maiden is something else. Never again do you get that 'rush' of satisfaction that you have 'done it again' ...

My dragging out of storage many of my models is giving me a bit of a rush ... so I hope that working through these will help me get over the Click to Buy !!

One of the biggest hurdles I have to sort : Every day literally I find something I need to order. Is there any way to organise orders so I can order less frequently ?

I ordered various ESC's ...

then I ordered Linkage stoppers

then I ordered landing gear clamps, saddle clamps

then I ordered 9 / 12 / 13gr servos ...

Now why did I not know to order in one time and save shipping ?

I bet I am not only one !!