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Posted by solentlife | Aug 30, 2018 @ 04:41 AM | 66,109 Views
Yes .. you read it correct : Good Deed of Airport Security.

We all hate going through security, the removal of belt, shoes ... empty pockets and show computer etc.

Recently travelling back from one of my many trips to Arabian Gulf - I was going through Dubai Security, terminal 3.

The metal detector was having a fit and near all of us had trouble with it. I went through it at least 3x before realising my car key was in my pocket. I thrw it into a tray ... tried detector again ... BEEP BEEP ... so security asked me aside and did a full pat down and tissue testing for explosives / drugs. Cleared I collected my gear .. 'redressed' ... and went on my way.

7 hours later in Hamburg - had to go through security again due to next flight being EU entry. Empty pockets and computer .. OH NO !!!! Where's my car key ???

You guessed - its still in Dubai. And its only key I have for the car !!

Car is standing in the Long Term Car Park of Riga Airport waiting my arrival and to drive home. It also has still in it ... my best models !! (Its actually my Renault Master cargo Van).
I telephoned the Car Park office who advised they can get car opened - but nothing else. Of course its one of those 'chip' keys that need to come from factory !!
I call a pal who agrees to meet me and get me home. I then talk to Renault dealer in my town next day who say 3 weeks to order .. I need truck the car to them ... and then they program for new key. Price 220 Euros for the key + trucking...Continue Reading
Posted by solentlife | Aug 05, 2018 @ 11:10 AM | 65,242 Views
For each year the weather seems to change more ... here in Baltic we lost our good cold winters and ended up with mushy winters and summers. This year we are suffering a heat wave ... like much of Europe.
The humidity is the real factor though, but with temps in the 35+ C region .. its just not comfortable. If its not that - the wind is making it bad for flights.
My number for flying days this year is appallingly low. I have new models and gear I want to get out there with ... but no the weather gods are saying otherwise.